• Ceiling Fans A wide range of ceiling fans to decorate your interiors. Decorative, Energy efficient, powerful range of Ceiling fans from Orient.
  • Wall Fans Direct the breeze of air, where ever you desire! Choose from a wide range of manual or remote operated smart wall fans.
  • Stand Fans Give an extra push to your Air Conditioner's air throw and make cooling personal. Choose from a range of portable stand fans from Orient.
  • Table Fans Enjoy the comfort of smart fan at the place of your choice. Orient's table fans are smartly engineered for your needs.
  • Exhaust Fans Say goodbye to those smoky kitchen areas and foul odours. Bring home the super-efficient Orient exhaust fans.
  • Multi-Utility Fans With aerodynamic design and multi-directional air deflection feature, experience the limits of portable fans performance.
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