Frequently Asked Questions About Led Flicker

What is LED lighting?

Light-emitting diodes (LED) are semiconductors which turn into light when electrons pass through them. Compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs, LED lights are more energy efficient at turning energy into light. Therefore, less energy radiates from the bulb as heat, thus leading to energy saving of almost 85% as compared to other light sources.

How is LED light better than traditional light sources?

LED light is better than traditional light sources such as CFL, Incandescent bulb, as it is long-lasting, saves power and has capability to give more lumens per watt. Additionally, it is possible to get different light colours from the LED lighting source.

Are there any Harmful effects of LED Light on Humans?

Yes, it can be harmful to overall human eye health over prolonged exposure.

What is Flicker in LED Lights?

Light flicker refers to the constant and repeated fluctuation in the brightness of the LED light.

What is the difference between visible & Invisible flicker in LED Lights?

Anything which can be seen by the naked eye is termed as visible flicker and it is in the frequency range of 100Hz. However, any flicker above 100Hz is termed as invisible flicker that human eye cannot detect.

How is Invisible flicker harmful for Human health & what are its side effects?

Many research organizations have conducted studies on LED light flicker and its ill effects, and as per the findings, it has many adverse health implications such as eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, apparent slowing or stopping of motion, reduced visual task performance and in some cases, neurological problems.

Is there any solution to control Flicker?

Yes, flicker can be controlled by improving the design of the LED driver.

Can invisible flicker be ZERO?

Yes, it can be zero if the LED light is operated on DC source such as battery.

Can we measure Flicker? Is there any standard to mark or match Flicker in LED Lights?

LED flicker can be measured using instrument known as Flicker Measuring Instrument. The standards to follow are IEEE 1789 and the measurement criteria is per cent flicker and flicker modulation.

Also, it can be seen through smartphone camera in slow motion video mode.

What are Orient EyeLuv LED Lights?

Orient EyeLuv is a range of LED lights with Flicker Control Technology, which reduces the harmful invisible flicker present in LED lights that causes eye strain, fatigue and many other health complications. Orient Electric has developed a specific driver for the EyeLuv range which controls the invisible flicker thus making it safer for human health.

How Orient EyeLuv is different from other branded LED Lights?

Orient EyeLuv range of LED lights has been developed post rigorous research in R&D and also on people in an NABL accredited lab (USFDA registered). Orient EyeLuv products have flicker percentage below 8 per cent whereas it is in the range of 40-80 per cent in other branded LED lights. EyeLuv is the very first lighting product to be recommended by INDIAN MEDICAL ACEDAMY for PREVENTIVE HEALTH for its positive benefits on eye health.

What all products are available in EyeLuv LED series?

Currently, we have 9 W LED Bulb, 20W LED batten, 36W recess panel and 5W downlighter under the EyeLuv range. The range will be expanded further.