Ceiling Fans

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Powerful Motor for Longer Life
Sweep : 1200 mm

Four blades for higher air delivery.
Sweep: 1320 mm

Elegant looks with decorative body ring.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Unique blade design and powerful motor.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Screen finish for better aesthetics.

A high speed fan with three layer canopy and decorative trims.

Flat looks with stylish trims and three layer canopy.

An elegant fan with new-look blade trims.

Flat design with downrod cover and stylish blade trims.

Elegant design with downrod cover and stylish blade tri...

Elegant multi coloured fan.

Decorative model with an elegant gold ring, blade trims

Powerful motor ensures longer life.

Trendy canopy design.

The bigger powerful motor gives high air thrust and air delivery.

Sophisticated design to match the interior of rooms.

Attractive blade trims and ring on the motor.

Unique 2 blades fan.

Three layer canopy design

Powerful motor gives extra high air thrust and delivery.

Encompassing the latest range of electronic marvels, Orient electric presents premium ceiling fans in India that will certainly complement the décor of your room. With minimum power consumption and low maintenance approach, Orient premium ceiling fans offer steady and impressive air delivery especially during summer. Ergonomically designed with aerodynamic pattern and double bearing motor, it ensures noiseless operation and superior air flow. Some models are equipped with brushless direct current motors which help in reducing the electricity consumption as compared to AC fans. Even the motor offers speedy rotational movement for maximising air circulation at every corner of the room. Apart from this, such premium quality fans come with remote that entitles you to operate fan speed through a hassle-free method. These fans are best known for their rugged performance and durability.

Navigate through our web page for exploring the latest ceiling fans and find out premium ceiling fans price in India. Choose your purchase according to your budget.