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*Telescopic arrangement for full height adjustment. p...

*Telescopic arrangement for full height adjustment. Mo...

Specially designed high torque motor.

Extra Powerful Motor and aerodynamic resin blades

Extra Powerful Motor and aerodynamic resin blades

High torque motor ensures high air thrust.

Hi-Speed Fan with 2000 RPM

Hi torque motor and acute angled aluminium blade.

Extra Powerful Motor combined with aerodynamically designed

A Fan with the power of a tornado to storm through large rooms

Four blade classic design.

Special Breeze button for automatic change to high, medium

Hi - torque motor ensures high thrust of air in silence.

Heavy duty motor and aerodynamic blades give high air thrust.

Powerful Air Circulator Motor

Powerful Air Circulator Motor.

3 Speed with Piano Switch Control

3 Speed with Piano Switch Control

Round based to add elegance

Experience the comfort of cooling with the convenience of ergonomics. The range of table, wall and pedestal fans from Orient guarantee cooling from wherever, whenever. Built to be used in homes, hotels, lobbies or restaurants, stand fans or pedestal fans are pretty much suitable for daily used anywhere. They differ from ceiling fans in that they take up a lot less space and blow air in a specific direction. Orient stand fans are a range of premium, designer and dynamic pedestal fans which come with multiple speed settings are equipped with power-saving features. If you are looking for pedestal fans, then this range of fans might be the perfect choice for you. These premium fans come with an aerodynamic technology which delivers fresh, cool air in every settings. We also have stand fans with remote which work great in official or formal settings. So choose according to your own requirement and make sure you stay on top of your cooling game. Walk into our nearest store or search online for the best standing fans and choose from one of our many offerings.