Air Cooler

Air throw: 35 Ft, Fits into windows like an AC. Special...

Window Air Coolers can be used for multiple purposes. They can act as your personal coolers or as your cooler for a small room, the Orient Electric Window Air Coolers can do it all. They also come in handy when there is absolutely no space in your cooler to fit in an air cooler.


Their extremely compact size makes them capable of fitting themselves anywhere in the room our on the window racks. The powerful Orient Electric Magicool Window Air Cooler throws in 2000m3of air every hour and can cover up to 10.7 metres in length. It can fit to windows like an air conditioner and also comes with a fragrance chamber which saves from foul and unpleasant odours. The Magicool comes with easily adjustable vents and you can easily control the speed of the fan with the knobs fitted in it. Also, with its 4 way air deflection system, it makes sure that your room is cool evenly.

Value for Money

Window air coolers are best suitable for people who are looking for a cooling solution in minimum costs. The Magicool is a highly efficient cooler which provides maximum air delivery while consuming minimum energy. It also comes with an integrated 50 litre water tank which is big enough to last for hours