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300 W DC Motor, Whisker and Chopper attachment

300 W DC Motor, Wall Mounting Bracket

300W DC silent motor, Whisking and chopping attachment

When it comes to blending soups, gravies, and salad dressings, the one thing that a homemaker can definitely use is a hand blender. While normal blenders are fine, hand blenders might just be the real deal because they provide unmatched ease and portability. Choose from Orient Electrical’s range of hand blenders built with the very best technology, suited for the everyday needs of a modern household. Equipped with longer cables for better portability, a smooth, noiseless experience awaits you with our blenders.

The blenders cater to a huge range of households with different needs and are equipped with an ergonomic design for better hold, which makes them some of the best performers across all fields. They also work highly efficiently on low power making them great for modern households. They have stainless steel blades which remain the same after years of use because of their make and the materials used. Easy to clean and extremely lightweight, these hand blenders are a blessing for modern homemakers. If you are looking for hand blenders online, visit our website, check out the different models and choose one according to the price you are looking for.