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An oil filled radiator,is a common form of convection h...

An oil filled radiator,is a common form of convection h...

An oil filled radiator,is a common form of convection h...

360 degrees overheat protection Cord storage facility

Adjustable thermostat for temperature setting Triple ...

Temperature control knob Low and high heating positions

Additional 400W PTC heater with fan

Triple over heat protection

Castor wheels for movements

PTC ceramic heating element

Choosing the right room heater may be a daunting task for you but Orient Electronics has come up with its highly advanced products with latest technology to remove your woes. It has a huge collection of premium quality appliances available in the market which can easily fit in according to your requirement. Oil filled heater is one of the best kind of heaters that you can opt for. These can take a longer time to heat up but the room remains heated for longer as well. Depending on the latest innovation and technology and indoor atmosphere, there are some portable heaters available to cover more area. You can store them away or move them whenever needed. The room heater blower allows the device to blow air into particular direction and performs its main heating function.

Orient Electronics room heaters have power-saving technology which is great if you are looking to cut down on your electricity bills. For reducing the risk, these heaters have advanced anti-freeze setting and thermal cut-off options that turn power automatically if they are knocked down. Customize your needs with timer, adjustable thermostat and digital controls. Measure the length and width of your room and calculate approximately the necessary watts per square feet and then decide.,