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Temperature control knob Low and high heating positions

PTC ceramic heating element

Heat convectors, also known as room heaters are appliances that are used to heat up your room during winters. Considered to be one of the most practical household appliances ever, room heat convectors have become a necessary part of the modern household. This is why Orient Electric brings to you a range of heat convectors which are great for regulating the temperature of your room when it’s biting cold outside while also keeping in mind power saving and space for the installation. Orient heat convectors are extremely energy-efficient and do not require any sort of ventilation since they are equipped with auto switch off mode. Coming in a range of power options, these instant room heat convectors can heat up any room, large, small or medium-sized. Orient fan room heat convectors have a temperature control knob, low and high heating positions, adjustable stand two fans for fast heating, a user-friendly handle, night light and are ISI approved. Orient heat convectors are highly portable considering their size with built-in handles to facilitate easy movement. While not in use, the thermostat cut off is activated that prevents the room heat convector from burning up due to over-heating.