Orient Aquator Digital Storage Glassline Water Heater

  • Orient Aquator Digital Storage Glassline Water Heater
  • Orient Aquator Digital Storage Glassline Water Heater
  • Orient Aquator Digital Storage Glassline Water Heater
  • Orient Aquator Digital Storage Glassline Water Heater
  • Orient Aquator Digital Storage Glassline Water Heater

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Orient Electric presents Aquator Digital storage glassline water heater, uniquely designed water heater for personalised bathing experience. This product is designed uniquely keeping in mind to ease your daily routine and to become tension from organising or switching on the water heater, available in 6, 10, 15 and 25L. This product is also loaded with some exciting features like infrared remote control and soft touch control with LED display which allows easy control. It comes with Eco Mode for switching the product to lower energy consumption and smart model for faster and longer heating of water. It also comes with 2019-20 BEE 5 Star rating for lesser energy consumption. Suitable for working in hard water conditions and for corrosion resistance it is loaded with a Ultra Diamond Glassline coated tank and also it comes with glassline-coated element in 15 and 25 L and heavy copper heating element in 6 and 10L that ensures optimized heating of water in a short time. Also for enhanced tank life and anti-scaling due to hard/high TDS water, it comes with magnesium anode rod which keeps the tank from anti-scaling with the assurance of 7 years on Tank warranty. Its shock-proof, water-proof high grade plastic body ensures corrosion resistance even in coastal areas and stays new for a long duration. With safety of multifunction valve, it withstands up to 8 bar pressure which is suitable for high rise buildings which prevents from tank leakage and withstands high pressure. PUF insulation ensures better heat retention and ensures hot water for a long time. Give a touch of special look to your bathroom with this uniquely designed water heater.

General specification
Storage Glassline
Pressure Rating (Bar)
Multi Fuction Valve
BEE Rating 2019-2020 (Star)
Magnesium Anode Rod
Tank Capacity (Litre)
Element Rating(kW)
Tank Body material
Ultra Diamond Glassline Tank
Heating Element
Heavy Copper with Nickel Coating/ Glassline Coated
Outer Body Material
High Grade Plastic
Temperature Display
Power & Heating Indicator
Soft Touch + Remote
Ingress Protection
Dimension (mm)(W*D*H)
325 x 315 x 325/365 x 340 x 365 /390 x 385 x 390/470 x 400 x 470
Product Warranty (in years)
Element Warranty (in years)
Tank Warranty (in years)
  • loT : enabled (Optional)
  • Digital Display : temperature indicator
  • Smart Mode function: Sets the highest temperature as default
  • IPX4 : Waterproof body
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Soft Touch Control : For ease of operation
  • Eco Mode Function : For energy saving while keeping the water warm
  • Ultra-Diamond Glassline Tank: For durability
  • High-Grade Plastic Body: Shock-proof
  • Multifunction Valve: For enhanced safety
  • PUF Insulation : For better heat retention
  • Moulded 3-Pin Plug: For better load efficiency
  • Glassline-Coated Heating Element: For better heating
  • Magnesium Anode Rod : For enhanced tank life
  • Variable Pressure Compatibility : Suitable for high-rise buildings up to 8-bar pressure
  • Customised Temperature Setting : Set temperature according to your need
  • Warranty : 7-year on tank, 4-year* on heating element & 2-year on product
Instruction Manual Cum Warranty Card

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