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A CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp is a florescent, energy-saving light designed for modern home fixtures. Compared to general or everyday incandescent lamps, CFLs use almost 1/5 th to 1/3 rd of the electric power and have a lasting power that is almost fifteen time longer. A CFL light bulb might have a higher one-time purchase price but it returns much more in the electricity costs it ends up saving over its lifetime. CFL light might or might not have special fixtures designed for them. Most of them fit into already existing light fixtures for incandescent bulbs. The CFL light is similar to that of existing incandescent lamps.

Orient CFL range is a range of specially manufactured fluorescent lights that are designed for every household. It contains both spiral CFL light bulbs and CFL tube lights. CFL lights are a great fit for modern households since they save power, cut down electricity costs and are easy to maintain since they have a long life. Log on to our website to check out the range in detail.