You can now control your water heater from anywhere, anytime

You can now control your water heater from anywhere, anytime

The mere thought of getting out of those warm blankets on cold winter mornings is scary enough, but then, you cannot avoid it unless you are a “hikikomori” with all the time in the world. For most of us, I believe the things that make winter wake-ups a bit easier are a hot cup of coffee or tea and a steaming hot shower. But again, you still need to hop out of your cosy bed to go to the bathroom and turn on the water heater. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could control it from the comfort of your bed? Even more, how about setting desired temperatures remotely for a perfect bathing experience every time? That’s where Orient Electric’s IoT-enabled Aquator water heater comes to your rescue.

After introducing IoT technology in fans and air coolers, Orient Electric has now launched IoT-enabled Aquator glassline storage water heater in 6, 10, 15 and 25-Litre capacities to meet diverse user needs. Orient Aquator gives you the freedom to operate it from anywhere, anytime via Orient Smart mobile app which is available on both Google Play and Apple App store. Suppose you’ve had a hectic day at work, and you have just left the office to go home with the thought of taking a hot shower to relax and de-stress. Why wait till you reach home to turn on the water heater, just schedule it through the mobile app so that your hot bath is ready for you at the perfect temperature even before you enter the home. Adding more to the delight, it is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant thus taking convenience a notch higher. Let’s us see what you can do with IoT enabled Orient Aquator water heater from the Orient Smart app.

Schedule: You can schedule Aquator water heater to automatically switch on or off at the required temperature for a relaxed and personalised bathing experience.

Usage Analysis: This feature allows you to analyse trends of power consumption of the water heater on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Now that’s an easy way to keep a tab on energy consumption.

Work Status: It reflects the real-time working status of the water heater so that you know everything is under control.

Manual Mode: It lets you customise and save temperature settings for specific bathing needs of your family members, ensuring personalised bathing experience for everyone.

Smart Mode: If you want water to get heated quickly, you can choose ‘Smart Mode’ which sets the highest temperature as default for the fastest heating.

Eco Mode: Concerned about electricity bills? Use ‘Eco Mode’ to set the temperature to the optimal setting for conserving energy while keeping the water warm.

When it comes to buying a water heater, there are many factors to consider such as pressure bearing capacity, hard water compatibility, safety, durability and energy efficiency. Thoughtfully designed for today’s urban living, the all new Orient Aquator comes loaded with an array of features to address all these aspects.

Designed to suit varying water conditions and withstand a high pressure of 8 bar, Orient Aquator is ideal for use in high-rise buildings. Other salient features include corrosion resistant Ultra Diamond Glassline coated tank, magnesium anode rod to prevent in-tank scaling, glassline-coated or heavy copper element for faster heating, shock-proof body, PUF insulation for better heat retention, multifunction valve for enhanced safety and a digital display to indicate the temperature. Also, Orient Aquator glassline storage water heater is BEE 5-star rated which makes it highly energy efficient. Do check out some quick tips to save on water heating costs.

Complementing all the features of IoT-enabled Aquator water heater is its elegant design which makes it a perfect fit in any contemporary bathroom.

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