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A variant of the i series fans, i Float fans are iOT en...

Hector fans of the i series range comes with Aerodynami...

Super high speed fan with strong motor.
Sweep - 1200 mm. RPM - 400

Aeroslim has everything one could ask for in a fan
Sweep : 1200 mm

Cost effective high speed base fan.
Sweep:1200 mm

BEE Certification
Sweep: 1200 mm

High Speed Fan Superior paint finish for longer life
Sweep:1200 mm

Anti Dust model.High Speed with great Air Delivery.

Powerful Motor for Longer Life
Sweep : 1200 mm

Powefull motor in its category for durability

Attractive decorative cup,
Sweep (mm): 1200, 1400

Four blades for higher air delivery.
Sweep: 1320 mm

Elegant with attractive decorative cup,
Sweep (mm): 1050, 1200, 1400

Super efficient Brush Less Direct Current Motor.

Unique aerofoil design & winglet technology;
Sweep: 1360 Cmm

Super Silent. Super Powerful.
Sweep: 1320 Cmm

Elegant looks with decorative body ring.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Unique blade design and powerful motor.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Super silent, Super powerful, remote operated.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Decorative lighting with silent operations.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Trendy glass shade for light Reversible blades

3D aerodynamic design for maximum air delivery
Sweep(mm): 1200

BEE Star Certification

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Full Speed even at low voltages till 140V
Sweep 1200 mm

Sleek and unique high speed fan.

High speed fan
Sweep (mm) : 1200

Wide blades for high air delivery

High speed fan,
Sweep (mm): 600,750

Perfectly balanced ribbed blades,
Sweep (mm): 900,1050,1200,1400

Streamlined economy model,
Sweep (mm):1050,1200,1400

Reversible motor, Independent pull cord swicthes, etc.

Remote control system. Available in brushed electroplated

Aerodynamic aluminium blades for silent operation

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Wood finish for better aesthetics.

Screen finish for better aesthetics.

A high speed fan with three layer canopy and decorative trims.

Flat looks with stylish trims and three layer canopy.

An elegant fan with new-look blade trims.

Flat design with downrod cover and stylish blade trims.

Elegant design with downrod cover and stylish blade tri...

Elegant multi coloured fan.

Decorative model with an elegant gold ring, blade trims

Powerful motor ensures longer life.

Trendy canopy design.

The bigger powerful motor gives high air thrust and air delivery.

Sophisticated design to match the interior of rooms.

Attractive blade trims and ring on the motor.

Unique 2 blades fan.

Three layer canopy design

BEE 5 Star Certified Fan

BEE 5 Star Certified Fan

High speed fan

High speed fan

Exclusively designed kid's fan.

Powerful motor gives extra high air thrust and delivery.

Super efficient Brush Less Direct Current Motor.

Orient Ceiling Fans

When everyday brings up a new challenge, what do you do? You innovate. At Orient Electronics, all our efforts are concentrated into providing you the best of technology and design, rolled into one. Apply this concept to the range of Orient decorative ceiling fans and you will get what your heart has always longed for. We present a range of premium designer fans which have been built keeping in mind the needs of India as a predominantly hot country.

Want a high speed ceiling fan? Leading the range is the Orient Aero Series, bold, dynamic and designer ceiling fans which are technologically unmatched since they are governed by the core principles of aerodynamics applied in aircrafts and Formula One cars. The unique winglet design of the blades minimizes the vortex, delivering higher air thrust and minimal noise. Why go for them? They provide the right balance of aesthetics and utility without pinching your pocket.

Within our range, you will find highly energy efficient ceiling fans along with ceiling fans with remote, modelled to perfection with their range of power settings.