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Aeroslim has everything one could ask for in a fan
Sweep : 1200 mm

Flaunt premium quality PU finish. Orient Aeroquiet BLDC ceiling fans has good de...

Runs consistently at the same speed even at low and fluctuating voltages between...

Comes with robust and reliable Energy efficient BLDC Motor. The fan operates at ...

Smart Fan with unique floating design, equipped with aerodynamic blade design he...

A variant of the i series fans, i Float fans are iOT enabled and Advance Technol...

A Decorative Fan with BLDC Motor provides you Beauty and Energy Efficiency. It h...

Powered by Intelligent BLDC with RF Remote and Double ball bearing For Durabilit...

BEE 5 star rated Fan with stylish and elegant design to enhance home décor and ...

Hector fans of the i series range comes with Aerodynamic Design which gives 15% ...

Robust and Reliable Energy efficient BLDC Motor with wider tip Blade for high Ai...

Powered by energy efficient BLDC motor and double ball bearing for enhanced Dura...

Powered by Intelligent BLDC Double ball bearing fan for enhanced Durability. Thi...

Decorative Fan with BLDC Motor and Dual Tone Colours which compliments your home...

A Powerful 100% Copper Motor and Double ball bearing fan for enhanced Durability

A Decorative antidust Fan with 14P Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor with Do...

A 18P Strong and Powerful fan with 100% Copper Motor and Elegant and Stylish ...

A Decorative antidust Fan with 16P Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor with D...

A Decorative Fan with 14P Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor with Elegant De...

Wider Tip Blades with high Air delivery and
Sweep (mm) : 1200

Super High speed fan with elegant looks that suits the décor of your room

High speed fan with elegant looks that suits the décor of your home

Fastest fan in the category.
Sweep (mm) – 1200 RPM - 425

High speed fan
Sweep (mm) : 1200

Designer retractable blades, with high quality crystals with air circulation

Designer retractable blades, with high quality crystals with air circulation

Cost effective high speed base fan.
Sweep:1200 mm

A Decorative Fan with 14P Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor having Elegant &...

A BEE Star Rating Fan available in Brown & White color

A BEE Star Rating Fan available in White, brown & Soft Pearl

Four blades for higher air delivery.
Sweep: 1320 mm

Elegant with attractive decorative cup,
Sweep (mm): 1050, 1200, 1400

Unique aerofoil design & winglet technology;
Sweep: 1360 Cmm

A Strong and Powerful fan with 100% Copper Motor and Double ball bearing for enh...

Super high speed fan with strong motor.
Sweep - 1200 mm. RPM - 400

High Speed Fan Superior paint finish for longer life
Sweep:1200 mm

Anti Dust model.High Speed with great Air Delivery.

Powerful Motor for Longer Life
Sweep : 1200 mm

Super Silent. Super Powerful.
Sweep: 1320 Cmm

Decorative lighting with silent operations.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Trendy glass shade for light Reversible blades

3D aerodynamic design for maximum air delivery
Sweep(mm): 1200

Attractive decorative cup,
Sweep (mm): 1200, 1400

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Sleek and unique high speed fan.

An Elegant finish Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor fan with Double ball bea...

14P Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor with Double ball bearing fan For enh...

High speed fan
Sweep (mm) : 1200

An Elegant finish Strong and Powerful fan with 100% Copper Motor and Double bal...

14P Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor Double ball bearing fan For enhanced ...

An Elegant finish Strong and Powerful 100% Copper Motor fan with Double ball be...

High speed fan,
Sweep (mm): 600,750

Perfectly balanced ribbed blades,
Sweep (mm): 900,1050,1200,1400

Streamlined economy model,
Sweep (mm):1050,1200,1400

Reversible motor, Independent pull cord swicthes, etc.

Attractive colour scheme with a young and vibrant design to suit kids room decor

Remote control system. Available in brushed electroplated

Aerodynamic aluminium blades for silent operation

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Powerful motor for high air delivery

Wood finish for better aesthetics.

Screen finish for better aesthetics.

A high speed fan with three layer canopy and decorative trims.

Flat design with downrod cover and stylish blade trims.

Elegant design with downrod cover and stylish blade trims Three layer canopy

Elegant multi coloured fan.

Decorative model with an elegant gold ring, blade trims

Powerful motor ensures longer life.

The bigger powerful motor gives high air thrust and air delivery.

Sophisticated design to match the interior of rooms.

Attractive blade trims and ring on the motor.

Three layer canopy design

BEE 5 Star Certified Fan

High speed fan

Powerful motor gives extra high air thrust and delivery.

Comfortable Summers with Orient Electric’s High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans play a pivotal role in enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of your home, making them an essential component of any living space. At Orient Electric, we understand the significance of a well-designed ceiling fan, and we take pride in ourselves being the right choice for your home cooling needs

Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart, as we prioritise quality and innovation in every product we offer. Our fans deliver superior performance in terms of air circulation and add a touch of style to your interiors. Orient Electric's ceiling fans are designed with precision and equipped with advanced technology to ensure energy efficiency and quiet operation. We believe in staying ahead of the curve by consistently introducing innovative features that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

Buy Ceiling Fan Online

Ceiling fans are a must-have at home, but sometimes the old ones can be a bit bothersome. The constant buzzing, the slow swaying, and forever adjusting the speed can be a downer. But fear not! Thanks to technology, fans have levelled up. Fans now have BLDC motors for energy savings and a quieter experience. At Orient Electric, we take it a step further with IoT-enabled fans. These come with a remote, allowing you to control your fan from wherever you are.

Buying a ceiling fan online can be a bit overwhelming. Our goal is to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase. Let's simplify the process and find the best ceiling fan for you tailored to your needs and preferences. First, let's explore the variety of fans available online. By understanding the different types, we can guide you toward making the best choice for your space.

Types of Ceiling Fans in India

High speed ceiling fans have evolved beyond being mere functional appliances; they're now a statement of style and comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the various types of ceiling fans available in the market, shedding light on their unique features and suitability for different preferences, usage scenarios, and aesthetics.

    ●  BLDC Fans (Brushless DC Fans): BLDC fans have become a game-changer in the world of ceiling fans, offering advanced technology for energy efficiency and quiet operation. The brushless DC motor enables these fans to consume less power while delivering consistent performance. They are perfect for those seeking a balance between functionality and eco-friendliness. BLDC fans are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces where energy conservation is a priority. These fans consume up to 50% less energy than conventional ceiling fans for homes. Orient Electric’s Eco-Tech Supreme Ceiling Fan has a BLDC motor, and to add more convenience, it also comes with a remote, so you can control the speed from wherever you are.

    ●  Designer Fans: For those who consider their ceiling fan to be more than just a cooling device, designer fans are the way to go. These fans are crafted with a focus on aesthetics, featuring unique and eye-catching designs. They serve as a stylish addition to any room, elevating the overall decor. These are perfect for individuals who want to make a statement with their interior design choices. We have one for all the different kinds of aesthetics that you prefer. The Jazz Art Decorative Ceiling Fan from Orient Electric comes in five different colours to suit the aesthetics of your walls entirely.

    ●  Silent Fans: Silent fans, as the name suggests, prioritize noise reduction. Equipped with noise-cancelling technology, these fans ensure a peaceful and serene environment. This type of ceiling fan is especially suitable for bedrooms, libraries, or any space where a quiet atmosphere is essential. Individuals who value tranquillity and a noise-free ambience will appreciate the calming effect of silent fans. The Aeroquiet ceiling fan from Orient Electric is a high-speed ceiling fans that operate silently and provide optimum comfort in your home.

    ●  Fans with Chandeliers: Blending functionality with elegance, fans with chandeliers are a brilliant fusion of lighting and air circulation. These fans serve a dual purpose, acting as both a decorative lighting fixture and an efficient cooling device. Fans with chandeliers are an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their living spaces. This type is particularly popular in dining rooms and living rooms where a touch of opulence is desired. As we mentioned, we have one for all your needs. Thus, our pick for you in this category is the Eleganza Luxury Ceiling Fan from Orient Electric. The best thing about it is that it has a retractable blade, which means you can use both cooling and lighting functions together in the summer. Meanwhile, in winter, you can simply use it as a chandelier, as its blades can retract inward.

    ●  Fans with LED: Ceiling fans with integrated LED lights are a practical solution for spaces that require efficient lighting along with air circulation. These under light fans often come with dimming options and adjustable colour temperatures, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their preferences. Ceiling fans with LED lights are perfect for modern homes or offices. Orient Electric has choices for you in all categories; thus, here is a fan with underlight for your home. Spectra with Remote is an all-in-one ceiling fan. It comes with a colour-adjustable underlight, a remote to control the operations, a 100% copper motor for extended durability, and has 3 colour options, so you can choose one that fits your home perfectly.

So based on these types, let's also explore the features that the best ceiling fans in India commonly have.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

We will also help you decide on the best one, so you buy a ceiling fan that fulfils all your needs and preferences. Here are some must-have features in the modern-day ceiling fan for a home.

    1.  Noise: The hum of a noisy ceiling fan can disrupt the peace of your living space. When exploring ceiling fan options, pay attention to the noise levels generated during operation. Modern fans incorporate advanced motor technologies and aerodynamic blade designs to minimize noise. Look for fans with a reputation for silent operation to ensure a peaceful and undisturbed environment.

    2.  Energy Efficiency & BLDC Technology: In an era where sustainability is a top priority, energy-efficient appliances are a wise choice. Ceiling fans equipped with BLDC motors stand out for their superior energy efficiency. BLDC fans consume less electricity, translating into reduced utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint. Prioritize fans with energy-efficient features to enjoy both cost savings and eco-friendly benefits.

    3.  Designs: Ceiling fans are no longer mere functional appliances; they have become a stylish addition to home decor. Consider the design and aesthetics of the fan to ensure it complements your interior. Whether your preference is for a contemporary, classic, or rustic look, there's a wide variety of designs and finishes available. Opt for a fan that seamlessly integrates with your decor while delivering exceptional performance.

    4.  Convenience with Remote Control: Gone are the days of struggling with regulators to adjust the speed and direction of your ceiling fan. The convenience of a remote control adds a modern touch to your fan's functionality. Look for fans that come with user-friendly remote controls, allowing you to effortlessly control speed, direction, and even lighting from the comfort of your couch or bed. This feature not only enhances convenience but also contributes to the overall user experience.

If you have already made up your mind to buy a ceiling fan that fits perfectly for your home, you might still want to check the below table as well-.

What is The Right Size of Ceiling Fan for Home

To achieve optimum comfort, it is essential to buy a fan that fits perfectly in your room. Thus, here is the size guide to buy the right ceiling fans for your room. It is important to note that in all these cases, there must be 18 inches of clearance from the wall.

Room Size Sweep Size
Up to 6x6 sq. ft 600mm (24’’)
Up to 8x8 sq. ft 900mm (36’’)
Up to 10x10 sq. ft 1200mm (48’’)
Up to 15x15 sq. ft 1400mm (56’’)

Now that you have the inside scoop on all the technicalities of a ceiling fan, here are some premium features that Orient Electric has come up with in ceiling fans.

Why Choose Orient Electric’s Ceiling Fans?

When it comes to choosing a ceiling fan that seamlessly blends innovation, reliability, and style, Orient Electric will be the right choice. With a rich legacy and a commitment to excellence, we have become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance. Decades of expertise in the industry have made sure the brand has consistently delivered products that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Here are a few features that we offer in our ceiling fans.

1.  BLDC Technology: Our premium fans are equipped with the BLDC motor that not only ensures whisper-quiet operation but also maximizes energy efficiency.

2.  Adjustable Mounting: One size doesn't fit all, and Orient Electric understands the importance of flexibility in installation. Our ceiling fans come with adjustable mounting options, allowing you to tailor the fan's height to your specific needs. Whether you have high ceilings or a cosy space that requires a lower placement, our fans offer the versatility you need for optimal air circulation.

3.  Reverse Rotation: Our fans go beyond conventional functionality with the inclusion of reverse rotation. This feature is a game-changer, especially in climates with varying seasons. During the summer, the forward rotation creates a cooling breeze, while in winter, the reverse rotation circulates warm air trapped near the ceiling, providing year-round comfort. Orient Electric ensures that your investment in a ceiling fan pays off every season.

4.  IoT Enabled: Embracing the era of smart living, we have integrated (IoT) capabilities into its ceiling fans. This means you can control and monitor your fan remotely through a remote. Switching the fan on/off, adjusting speed, and setting schedules, we offer unparalleled convenience and control at your fingertips.

5.  Speed efficiency: Our leading range in high-speed ceiling fans is the Orient Aero Series The fans in this series are bold, dynamic and decorative fans that are technologically unmatched as they are governed by the core principles of aerodynamics applied in aircraft and Formula One car. The blades have a unique winglet design that minimizes the vortex, thus delivering higher air thrust and minimal noise. Our Aeroquiet Premium BLDC fan has a motor speed of 310RPM with a 5 Star BEE Rating that helps you save up to Rs 6000 on your annual electricity bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save on electricity when using a ceiling fan?

By choosing BLDC fans you can ensure less consumption of energy. The Brushless Direct Current Motors use permanent magnets that reduce the loss in the form of heat and cut down CO2 emission thus reducing energy consumption by 50%.

What size ceiling fan should I buy for my 12X12 bedroom?

A 12✕12-bedroom with 144 square feet will require a larger ceiling fan between 40-54 inches.

How far should the fan blades be from the ceiling?

It is recommended to have at least one foot of space between the blades and the ceiling for the fan to operate efficiently in a standard-sized room.

How do I know if my ceiling fan is a high-speed fan or not?

Fan speed can be determined by the Rotations Per Minute (RPM) measurement. A high-speed ceiling fan has a RPM of 310-370. Orient Electric’s Wendy Ceiling Fan has an RPM of 400.

Which fan size is suitable for the kid’s room?

For a kid’s room with 75 square feet you can buy a ceiling fan with a blade width of up to 36 inches is suitable.

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