Ceiling Fans

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Aeroslim has everything one could ask for in a fan
Sweep : 1200 mm

Unique aerofoil design & winglet technology;
Sweep: 1360 Cmm

Super Silent. Super Powerful.
Sweep: 1320 Cmm

Super silent, Super powerful, remote operated.
Sweep: 1200 mm

Decorative lighting with silent operations.
Sweep: 1200 mm

3D aerodynamic design for maximum air delivery
Sweep(mm): 1200

Ever since pioneering the Peak Speed Performance Output (PSPO) technique, we have been the first adopters of new fan technologies in India. The Aero Series is our latest series which focusses not only on functionality but aesthetics and convenience as well. The silent ceiling fan - Aeroquiet gives high Air Throw output and is the first in its league with more brilliant designs to follow. The very silent, very powerful ceiling fan comes with aerodynamic blades, strongest motor and an eye-pleasing PU finish, making it the best product in its category and price range.