Air Cooler

Desert Air Cooler


The perfect answer to the dry, long Indian summer that breaks records every year. With a large tank capacity and a super powerful fan-motor combination, these sturdy air coolers will keep going strong for as long as you want. And with their superior air delivery, air throw, cooling efficiency, coupled with low noise and easy maneuverability, they're simply the best in their segment.

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Tower Air Cooler


The world is getting smaller, and so is carpet area. This is where our sleek and tall, state-of-the-art air coolers come in handy. They take up the smallest area possible while ensuring that the powerful gust reaches every nook and corner, especially at the bed level. With cutting-edge features and the looks to match them, these air coolers will certainly glam up your home.

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Outdoor Air Cooler


These air coolers will perch perfectly on a window sill and cool your room evenly with a 4-way air deflection system. Equipped with a large water tank that lasts for hours, these air coolers provide maximum air delivery while consuming minimum energy. Our most powerful and silent air coolers, these are made with powder-coated GPSP sheets and can withstand the toughest weather, while the new LockMatic Technology keeps them rust-free. The super-effective fan-motor combo makes them ideal for large, open spaces, where you can easily wheel them around on a trolley. Their special Humidity Control feature turns humid air into a cool and pleasant breeze, and the Fragrance Chamber keeps it fresh, always.

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Personal Air Cooler


These compact air coolers fit in the tightest of spaces and come with easy-lift handles and caster wheels, so you can carry them around effortlessly. Apart from a powerful blower that packs a punch when it comes to air delivery, these air coolers also come in a multitude of shapes, designs and sizes. As they say, to each his own.

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Inverter Air Cooler


Orient Electric air coolers are the first air coolers in India with the revolutionary ECM inverter technology. It ensures savings due to low power consumption as well as reduced operational costs with every season. Additionally, it also ensures protection from voltage fluctuation and reduces noise of operation

Window Cooler


Innovative Window Coolers are equipped with a myriad of features. Like the large water tank capacity ensures that you do not need to worry about repeatedly filling. The advanced 4-way deflection system cools the room evenly and combination of special Humidity Control and Fragrance Chamber turns humid air into a fresh, healthy, and pleasantly cool breeze. These coolers are built to consume less energy and save power.

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Commercial Cooler


Cooling big spaces at a pocket-friendly price just got easier with Orient Electric Commercial Air Cooler. It's equipped with a Bigger Vent Area, Honeycomb Pads, and Aero Fan Technology for high-thrust air delivery. Even at high speeds, its lockable castor wheels keep the cooler stable and compact. And the in-built autofill feature and higher tank capacity dispense powerful cooling throughout the day.