• EyeLuv Orient EyeLuv LEDs with Flicker Control Technology. Safer and better for your eye health.
  • LED Consumer Luminaires Latest energy saving range of LED consumer lightings for Smarter homes from Orient Electric
  • LED Lamps & Tubes Lights up your nights with high luminescence. Saves energy, lasts for years.
  • PROFESSIONAL Lighting Professional LED lighting range for Smarter streets, Manufacturing hubs & Opulent offices by Orient Electric
  • FLOURESCENT TUBELIGHT & INCANDESCENT LAMP Our range of FTL and GLS lamps lets you choose a wide variety of lighting products with best luminescence in their category.
  • Conventional Fitting Conventional superior fittings for your regular tube lights enhancing their life.

Are you wondering how to illuminate your home with smart lighting solutions? To help you in your search for high quality lighting, Orient lighting India offers top LED lights to achieve extraordinary effects.
While normal lights are most of the times enough for an entire room, orient LED lights will give you a performance that will set your interiors apart altogether.
Especially designed with latest technology, they can transform the entire ambience of the room with their unique charisma.
Orient LED bulbs increase the style quotient of the room one notch higher and light up the space for a brighter décor.

If you want to lighten up only a small part of your room, choose from Orient Electrical’s range of fluorescent lamps.
Cfl light
uses 70% lesser energy than any other lights and you can avoid hefty electric bills without burning a hole in your pocket.
Embellished with the latest techniques, Orient luminaries can disseminate dazzling effects in small surfaces as well as big areas. Consider these lighting solutions for brightening up your dressing space also.
Visit our website for checking input voltage, operating voltage, efficiency, operating frequency, surge protection and other parameters before fixing your best buy.
Pick up different models of LED lights for home according to your budget for the best results.