• LED Bulbs & Luminaires Latest energy saving range of LED consumer lightings for Smarter homes from Orient Electric
  • PROFESSIONAL Lighting Professional LED lighting range for Smarter streets, Manufacturing hubs & Opulent offices by Orient Electric
  • CFL Lights up your nights with high luminescence. Saves energy, lasts for years.
  • FLOURESCENT TUBELIGHT & INCANDESCENT LAMP Our range of FTL and GLS lamps lets you choose a wide variety of lighting products with best luminescence in their category.
  • Conventional Fitting Conventional superior fittings for your regular tube lights enhancing their life.

Orient Electric manufactures a wide range of lighting products to suit your requirements. Be it LED lights, Professional Luminaries (PLUM), CFL’s FTL or GLS.

Orient is one of the first few brands to receive BEE rating in LED bulbs and the only brand to have 3 star rating in LED. We provide a wide range of down lighters. floor lights, strip lights and coloured LED bulbs, best suited for your home décor. Our wide range of professional lighting, which includes LED wall lights and LED panel lights etc., are best suited for offices and commercial buildings as emit high lumen with less power consumption.

You may also chose from a wide range of conventional fittings for your home, which are well within your range and easy on electricity bills.