• Miniature Circuit Breaker The best miniature circuit breakers that keep all your home safe during heavy voltage fluctuations.
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker Keep your homes safe by installing Residual Current Circuit Breaker with dual termination and positive contact indication.
  • Isolator Let your appliances be safe with Orient Electric Isolators. It keeps other circuits safe in case a circuit goes wrong.
  • Distribution Board Keep all your circuits intact by installing Orient Electric Distribution Boards with copper bus bar and brass neutral links.
  • Wiring Accessories Electrical accessories that keep your switches and MCBs easy to use and safe.
  • Modular Switches Three Layered arc shielding mechanism for highest level of safety
  • Hospitality Range Products aesthetically suitable for hotel, hospital & commercial establishment, Best featured product with elegant look
  • Modular plates Superior, slim & glossy finish; Horizontal/vertical mounting feasibility.
  • I Nex Smart product IOT based plugs, these are possible to operate manually or through orient smart app on mobile, these plugs are featured for count down time
  • Building Accessories Metal & plastic boxes for every type of building a base for fixing arrangement of modular switch range.
  • MCB Protected Power Board Best accessories for Air conditioners, water heaters, water pumps to protect against short circuit & over load faults.
  • MCB Changeover MCB changeover switch is designed to transfer a house (or business) electricity from the commercial power grid to a local generator when an outage occurs.

Switchgears are very important safety components for homes as well as commercial spaces. They not only save your electronic devices from breaking down because of fluctuations but also save you from unnecessary shocks. Miniature Circuit Breakers or MCB in short are a must have electronic component for your home and office. Orient Electric offers a high quality range of MCBs which act as safety devices as well as add to the décor of your homes.

Another important safety device for your homes and offices are distribution boards. This device makes sure that the current is evenly distributed to all parts of your home and ensures that no electronic device awry because of inconsistent current or short circuits.