USB Charger 2.0A

  • USB Charger 2.0A
  • USB Charger 2.0A

Orient Electric's new world-class range of modular switches boasts of the revolutionary 3Aß technology, the first and only-of-its-kind technology that provides you with an unprecedented three layers of safety.

Technical specification
1 Module
Secondary Packing
Master Packing
Design specification
Angle White
Smoke Grey
  1. Zero Contact Bouncing For Longer Life
  2. Anti-Weld Contacts
  3. Anti-Bacterial Material
  4. Conforming To Latest Isi Standards
  5. Three-Layered Arc Shielding Mechanism For Highest Level Of Safety
  6. Moving Contact Of Copper/Brass/Silver Inlay
  7. Low Noise
  8. Tunnel Terminals To Prevent Slippage Of Screwdrivers
  9. Terminals With Brass/ Silverplating For Cooler Running & Longer Life
  10. Wire Capability 6 Square Mm
  11. UV Stabilized Material For Longer Life & Protection Against De-Colourisation
  12. Dust-Free
  13. Fire Retardant Polycarbonate Material
  14. Captive Screw
  15. Finger-Proof Terminal (Ip20) For Human Safety
  16. Laser Marking On Mechanisms For Correct Orientation & Installation
  17. Long-Lasting, Energy Saving, Led Indicators
  18. High-Grade Glass-Filled Pivot For Longer Operational Life
  19. Stripping Template On Sockets For Stripping Of Wires In Exact Length
  20. Suitable For Installation In Horizontal & Vertical Space
  21. Shuttered Socket To Protect Children From Electric Shock
  22. Front Loading Of Switch, Socket & Accessories For Ease Of Installation & Removal.
  23. Fan Regulator/Dimmer With Humming-Free Technology For Noiseless Operation.
  24. Fan, Bell Etc. Marking For Ease Of Identification