Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud 3

Is this product made in India?

Yes Cloud 3 is completely made in India

Where is Cloud 3 available?

The product is currently available on Amazon. It will eventually be available on select retail outlets as well.

What is the warranty period for Cloud 3?

2 years

What is the after-sales service for this product?

Parts are replaceable within warrantee if any manufacturing defect is observed.

How energy efficient is this fan?

It is highly energy efficient. It uses a power of only 125W (60W for the fan and 65W for cooling)

What kind of fragrances can be used for Cloud 3?

Water based fragrances need to be used for Cloud 3.

What is the weight of the fan?

Cloud 3 only weights 8.7 kgs (empty tank)

Can Cloud 3 be moved around the house?

Yes, it can be moved around easily as it has wheels at the bottom for easy usage and to navigate it anywhere in the house or office.

How can we make it cooler?

Ice can be added to the tank for further cooling.

How can excess water be removed from the fan?

There is an outlet at the bottom that allows anyone to easily remove any excess water.