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Getting late to work, but need to take a hot water bath? We have the perfect solution for you. The range of Orient Instant water geysers offer you the perfect hot water bath,without any waiting. Now by bringing home the Instant water heaters, you can feel refreshed or relaxed in just a few minutes. They can be easily fitted in your bathrooms, kitchens or office pantries due to their compact size, without hampering the beautiful look and feel of your interiors. Because of their ABS body,they are aesthetically appealing. All the models under the Instant Water geysers category are loaded with outstanding modern features, such as, the Heavy Copper Element, which is responsible for faster heating. Along with this, the heaters come with a capacity to withstand high pressure up-to 8 bars. Safety is of prime importance to Orient, and thus the Orient Instant Water Heaters are equipped with maximum safety features to tackle accidental hazards. They also comply with all the safety and eco-standards, which makes it a quality product.Time to switch to smart, bring home the Orient Instant water geyser for an unforgettable bathing experience with hot water, in a matter of few minutes.