Concerned about bringing coronavirus inside your home? Here is the 4-minute solution to your fear

Concerned about bringing coronavirus inside your home? Here is the 4-minute solution to your fear

We are today living in the shadow of coronavirus, the invisible enemy that has brought life to a standstill. The pandemic is spreading fast and with no remedy in sight, the heightened fear and anxiety of being exposed to the virus is on top of our minds. Now when the restrictions are being eased and people are getting back to work and their daily routines, moving outside their homes, the risk of spread has increased, and people are quite worried about bringing the virus along after a visit outside. Yes, it’s possible that every time you step out you can bring along the virus with almost everything that you carry back home, from vegetables to your wallet.

Let us consider a couple of scenarios here to understand this fear.

Case 1: Rajneesh is 33 years old, married, and stays with his wife and 2 years old daughter in New Delhi. He works as a Sr. sales executive with a private firm and uses his own car on daily basis to travel across the city to meet with prospective clients On his way back home daily, he stops at a vegetable and fruit shop where he has to pay in cash. When he reaches home, he always fears about if he is bringing the virus inside home with his daily use items including wallet, visiting cards, vegetables etc.

Case 2: Anandita is 40 years old, lives in a joint family and runs a family-owned women’s clothing and accessories store located in the heart of Hyderabad city. She deals with customers all day long and prefers cash transactions, both at her store and for other personal or family purchases. She is very concerned about disinfection of her everyday use objects such as her handbag, jewellery, cash, etc. and hopes there was an easy-to-use sanitisation solution.

Very much like Rajneesh and Anandita, I am sure you must also be concerned about the risk of the infection entering your home with everyday objects and purchased items. So, is there any safe and convenient solution to sanitise objects? Yes, there is.

Harnessing the power of Ultra Violet C (UV-C) light in a safe and contained way, Orient Electric has come up with a breakthrough solution that puts an end to all your woes regarding sanitisation of daily use items.

Let us first understand the what are the UV-C rays.

Sunlight is broadly comprised of three major components – visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared radiation. The UV radiation spectrum is further divided into three types namely UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Of these three, UV-C light has the shortest wavelength of between 200 and 400 nm and has highest energy, which makes it capable of killing germs, viruses and bacteria. Various studies have proved that in particular, the wavelength of 264 nm is highly effective at killing pathogens. While UV-C rays are the most harmful in the UV spectrum, they are completely absorbed by the atmosphere and never reach the Earth’s surface.

UV-C light is being used in UV sterilisation, also known as UV disinfection or Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), to kill pathogens by way of destroying nucleic acids and scrambling their DNA, leaving them unable to multiply or perform vital cellular functions. Since the 20th century, UV sterilisation has been used to disinfect things like surgical equipment, air, water, computers and a variety of other surfaces.

Presenting Orient UV Sanitech, the 4-minute coronavirus-killer

Enter Orient UV Sanitech, a box-shaped sanitisation chamber that uses short-wavelength Ultra Violet C (UV-C) light to kill viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria and fungi from the surfaces of all inanimate objects put inside it in just 4 minutes. It has been designed keeping in mind three most important factors, energy applied which is affected by the length of exposure time and the distance from the light source, maximum surface exposure, and safety and convenience in operation.

Orient UV Sanitech is a highly effective and safe to use sanitisation solution that eases the process of sanitising objects like watch, glasses,  mobile phone, keys, cash, gloves, mask, earphones, toys, newspaper, wallet, groceries, milk packets, fruits, vegetables, etc. So, when you enter home after a visit outside, all you need to do is to put all your stuff that you bring from outside into the UV Sanitech, close the lid and switch it ON. In just 4 minutes, everything placed inside the unit gets sanitised.

It uses UVGI disinfection method which breaks down chemical bonding and scrambles the structure of DNA, RNA and proteins, thus disabling microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Orient UV Sanitech does 360-degree surface disinfection and is 99.99%* effective in killing viruses and bacteria. It uses two UVC lamps of 11 watts each placed diagonally providing sufficient UV germicidal irradiation with the surround reflectivity ensuring uniform spread of the UV irradiation from different angles thus increasing the efficacy of disinfection. It generates Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength of 200nm - 280nm, specifically at 254nm, killing all microorganisms. The pre-fixed timer ensures exact duration of 4-minute exposure which is sufficient enough to kill the bacteria and viruses.

Extremely safe to use

Orient UV Sanitech is completely safe to use. It comes with a Safety switch to turn off the UV light when the door is open, rubber gasket to prevent leakage of UV rays and metallic painted body to provide protection from any shock. The metallic door prevents direct eye and skin contact with UV lights. The things that you put inside UV Sanitech are only treated with UV rays, therefore there is no exposure of UV rays on you and unless you close the box, the disinfection process does not start. UV Sanitech has 34-litres capacity, is top loading and comes with a removable mesh that ensures both ease of use and cleaning. Also, it does not involve the use of any chemicals and there are no residual left-overs. UV Sanitech has been certified by and tested at NABL accredited lab which confirms its efficacy in killing the pathogens.

So, bring home the Orient UV Sanitech sanitisation chamber and fear no more of bringing the virus inside your home after a visit outside while putting an end to the tiring task of using regular sanitisers.


*UV Sanitech has been tested at Delhi Test House, Delhi, a NABL-accredited Laboratory and found to have 99.99% effectiveness in killing pathogens (Lab Report Number: 24911200605GEN133 dated 27.06.2020) and inferred as effective against Corona Virus as per Food and Drug Administration, USA guidelines (Docket # FDA-2020-D-1138 dated 29.03.2020).

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