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Here are a few ways, how you can switch to smart

  • Select Your Fan
  • Wondering which fan suits your interiors? Its never easy to decide what will go best with your home decor for a long term. We have made your decision easier. Welcome to the world of virtual reality. It’s simple to use. Upload the image of your room and place the fan of your choice to see how it will appear after installation!

  • LED Batten Savings Calculator
  • LED Battens offer high lumen efficiency with huge energy and cost savings in comparison to FTLs(Tube lights). LED battens also help save the environment by reducing CO2 emission. Use this calculator to check the cost savings and environmental benefits of replacing FTLs with LED battens.

  • Smart Lighting Solutions
  • Still using the conventional lighting? The staggering electricity bills are indeed a reason to bother you! Switch to the smarter lighting options from Orient Electric. Use this calculator to find out the amount of money you can save every year!