Calculate Savings

LED Battens offer high lumen efficiency with huge energy and cost savings in comparison to FTLs(Tube lights). LED battens also help save the environment by reducing CO2 emission.

Use the calculator below to check the cost savings and environmental benefits of replacing FTLs with LED battens.


LED Batten: 0W
Energy ConsumptionPer day in kWH
FTL: 0.00KWH
LED Batten: 0.00KWH
Energy SavedPer day in kWH
FTL: 0.00KWH
LED Batten: 0.00KWH
  • Annual energy saved by using LED Battens (in KWH) 0.00KWH
  • Annual cost saved by using LED Batten 0.00
Amount of coal used in generating such amount of electricity 0 Kg
Annual carbondioxide reduction 0 Tonnes
Number of Trees it is equivalent to growing for 10 years 0

Average Indian Home that can be lit up with this amount of electricity

0 Homes

A LED bulb / Batten has a life time of 10 years

  • Carbondioxide
    reduction in tonnes 0
  • Amount of coal
    saved (In kgs) 0
  • Number of trees
    saved 0
  • Amount of Energy
    saved (in kWh)
  • Amount of Money
    saved in 10 years

Disclaimer: Above calculations are based on following assumptions:

  • Cost per unit of electricity: Rs. 6 per unit
  • Daily consumption has been calculated at 10 hours per day.