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Storage Glassline
Water Heaters

Add comfort and convenience to everyday life. Choose from a wide range of BEE star rated Orient Electric Glassline storage water heaters available in different types and capacities to suit varied aesthetic preferences, evolving needs and usage environments. From premium build quality to safety features to energy efficiency, these water heaters cover it all. On top of that, the range also includes IoT variants that can be operated from anywhere, anytime.

Water Heaters

Technologically advanced, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, Orient Electric storage water heaters are thoughtfully designed for today's urban living. Featuring quality build, superior heating element and variable pressure compatibility, Orient Electric storage water heaters come with unique safety features and longer warranties to offer ultimate peace of mind. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Storage Water Heaters
Instant Water Heaters

Instant Water

Never run out of hot water with Orient Electric's wide range of instant water heaters. Offering a great combination of elegant design and advanced heating technology, these water heaters are ideal for your kitchen, office pantries, bathroom and other small spaces. Salient features include shock-proof ABS body, stainless steel tank, pressure bearing capacity up to 8 bar and glass wool insulation, among others. Take your pick!!

Gas Water

Want to save some money on your winter heating bills? Consider Orient Electric's ISI marked gas water heaters that are effective enough to heat water instantly while being highly cost effective as these units run on gas. Flaunting a neat design that is sure to blend seamlessly with your interiors, these water heaters are completely safe to use. Go ahead, pick one and save on your water heating costs.

Gas Water Heaters
Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water

Orient Electric brings you the most advanced technology through Tankless Instantaneous water heater that will satisfy all your needs for Fastest heating, continuous supply of hot water, energy efficiency and compact size. Our instantaneous tankless water heater is smart & innovative. It automatically adjusts the power input to provide you unlimited hot water on-demand. Pick one to enjoy the seamless hot water supply, suitable for all applications.

Water Heaters

Looking for safe, pocket-friendly and portable options for heating up water during winters? Orient Electric brings you a range of ISI certified Immersion water heaters in different wattages and element shapes. Easy to use and shock-proof, Orient immersion water heaters come with a warranty of 2 years.

Immersion Water Heaters

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