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There is nothing better than a hot water bath to give a refreshing start to your morning, or help you relax your muscles after a hectic work schedule. The range of water heaters from Orient Electric serves both these purposes. Orient has always focused on developing the most efficient and best water heaters, so that you don’t have to worry about the electricity and other maintenance expenses. The range is bestowed with Five Star Energy Ratings, which makes them the most efficient water heaters.Apart from maximum efficiency, the water heaters are also elegantly designed to complement your lovely home decor, with its compact size!

We have a universe of options to provide you with whatever you have in mind –Storage Water Heaters, Instant water heaters and Gas Water Heaters. With a variety of options, you can choose the best one that suits your budget and lifestyle.Instant water heaters provide you hot water on demand and are the best for kitchen or office pantries. The storage water heaters are designed to provide a large supply of hot water, for the entire family. The gas water heaters are beneficial for places, which have irregular or expensive electricity supply.

Orient water heaters are equipped with Glass line Coated Heating Element for longer life, Titanium Enamel Tank for corrosion resistance, Digital temperature Display and Auto Timer. These water heaters are also equipped with modern technologies, like the Japanese Anti Bacteria tank and the Patented Whirl flow Technology to give you an unforgettable bathing experience.

Safety fears hovering around in your mind? When it comes to water heaters, you do nothave to worry even a tidbit with our range of water heaters.Orient water heaters comply with all safety and eco-standards.All the water heaters come with unique safety features to prevent accidental hazards.

It is time to opt for a smart water heater to cope up with the smart world, andget rid of your old water heater which lead to inflated electricity bills. It is time to switch to smart with the new range of feature loaded water heaters from Orient that are efficient, intelligent and durable.From functionality to aesthetics, the range of Orient water heaters aces it all.