Water Heater & Geyser

Storage Glassline
Water Heater

Add comfort and convenience to everyday life. Choose from a wide range of BEE star rated Orient Electric Glassline storage water heaters available in different types and capacities to suit varied aesthetic preferences, evolving needs and usage environments. From premium build quality to safety features to energy efficiency, these water heaters cover it all. On top of that, the range also includes IoT variants that can be operated from anywhere, anytime.

Stroage Glassline Water Heater
Storage Nano Polymer Water Heater

Storage Nano Polymer
Water Heater

Presenting Maverick, an innovative and elegant Nano-Polymer Coated storage water heater. Specially designed to suit the modern interiors of the bathroom. It is a 5-star rated energy-efficient water heater that will save your electricity bill. Equipped with Nano-Polymer coated tank for durability and nickel coated heavy copper coated heating element for better heating, Maverick is as good from the inside as it looks on the outside. Its magnesium anode rod ensures enhanced tank life & 5-Level Safety Shield with a multifunction valve provides enhanced safety. It is available in a premium Pre-Coated Grey metal finish.

Storage Stainless Steel
Water Heater

Technologically advanced, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, Orient Electric storage water heaters are thoughtfully designed for today's urban living. Featuring quality build, superior heating element and variable pressure compatibility, Orient Electric storage water heaters come with unique safety features and longer warranties to offer ultimate peace of mind. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Storage Stainless Steel Water Heater
Instant Water Heater

Instant Water

Never run out of hot water with Orient Electric's wide range of instant water heaters. Offering a great combination of elegant design and advanced heating technology, these water heaters are ideal for your kitchen, office pantries, bathroom and other small spaces. Salient features include shock-proof ABS body, stainless steel tank, pressure bearing capacity up to 8 bar and glass wool insulation, among others. Take your pick!!

Gas Water

Want to save some money on your winter heating bills? Consider Orient Electric's ISI marked gas water heaters that are effective enough to heat water instantly while being highly cost effective as these units run on gas. Flaunting a neat design that is sure to blend seamlessly with your interiors, these water heaters are completely safe to use. Go ahead, pick one and save on your water heating costs.

Gas Water Heater
Immersion Water Heater

Water Heater

Looking for safe, pocket-friendly and portable options for heating up water during winters? Orient Electric brings you a range of ISI certified Immersion water heaters in different wattages and element shapes. Easy to use and shock-proof, Orient immersion water heaters come with a warranty of 2 years.

Experience the wave of comfort and warmth with Orient Electric's Water Heaters

Winter is around the corner, and you cannot prepare yourself to beat the chills without a water heater. What is often considered a luxury is more of a necessity in the Indian household as the season shifts and temperature drops. Water Heaters popularly known as Geysers are responsible for heating water and consistently supplying hot water to showers, sinks, tubs, and appliances.

For those who are planning to purchase a water heater online, here is a complete guide to make an informed decision. And if you already have one at home, keep scrolling as this guide will help you re-evaluate and upgrade to the latest geysers for your home. Before we jump into the itsy-bitsy of buying the best water heaters online, we are sure you are asking everybody which water heater you should choose, Fret not we are here for the rescue-

A Comprehensive Guide to the Types of Water Heaters

1.  Storage water heaters- The most common type of heaters used in India is the storage water heaters. These are a good choice for users with low budgets and moderate use of hot water.

2.  Gas water heaters- These gas geysers uses gas or propane as their primary fuel source to heat the water for both bathroom and kitchen use. It provides quick heating but is beneficial for those who have access to natural gas.

3.  Instant water heaters - Designed to provide hot water on demand, you can heat the water only when needed, making it the best instant water heater for the kitchen and wash basin. This is a great option for people living in limited space and are running on a budget.

4.  Immersion water heaters- Commonly known as immersion rods, these are portable electric heaters that you can directly immerse into a tub of water. This is a suitable choice for those who travel often and only need temporary hot water at home.

Now that you know the types of geysers available online, the biggest question remains unanswered.

What is the capacity of the water heater that you need for your house?

After a restless few month of settling into a new house, buying a home appliance doesn't have to be a hassle. The ideal size of a water heater should approximately be equal to the total volume of hot water required in one go. Let's say two members of a family take a bath in one go and use at least 12L of hot water, then they would require a 15L water heater to work efficiently.

To solve your problem, let's first answer a few questions together

●  Where do you want to install your geyser? If you are buying a geyser for your bathroom with a shower head, then one with a large storage capacity will be required while a water heater for the kitchen can be of lower capacity as the use of water is minimal.

●  Do you live in a place where it's a cold climate throughout the year or are you planning to move to the mountains, then you might want to consider buying a water heating system with a larger capacity.

●  Are you just planning to replace your already existing geyser, the things you now need to consider while upgrading are the capacity, energy efficiency, aesthetics, size, and the number of people you are living with.

Water Heater/ Geyser Buying Guide based on the Family Size

Family Size Capacity Usage
Instant Water Heater
2 Members 1-3 L Kitchen, Wash Basin
3 Members 5.5L Kitchen, Wash Basin, Bucket
Storage Water Heater
3 Members 6-10L Bathroom, Bucket
4 Members 15-25L Bathroom, Shower, Bucket
5 Members 35-50L Bathroom, Shower, Bucket, Bathtub
6 Members 70-100L Bathroom, Shower, Bucket, Bathtub
Gas Water Heater
4 Members 6L Kitchen, Bathroom,
Immersion Rod Water Heater
1 Members 1/1.5kw Bucket

Based on this table, let's rule out some features that you should look for while purchasing the right water heater for your house.

Top Notch Features of Geysers that Orient Electric Offers

The first thing you would look for while buying anything online is the features or specifications that a water heater manufacturer offers. Below are the top features that Orient Electric offers.

●  Cost efficiency- With a 5-star BEE rating, our storage water heaters, electric geysers, gas water heaters, and all our other range of products, we make sure your favourite home appliance is easy on your pockets yet performs efficiently. One such example is our Aquator Glassline Storage Water heater that gives 20% more hot water output and comes in 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L.

●  Safety- You can simply cross Safety from your checklist while buying a geyser online when you choose Orient Electric. Our Primus Instant Water Heater has a 5-layer Safety Shield and a high-accuracy thermostat that prevents overheating making it the perfect small geyser for your kitchen as well as your bathroom.

●  Long Lasting Performance- With a shockproof outer body, Orient Electric water heaters ensure anti-scaling and thus last a lifetime. You can thus choose an Aquator+ storage water heater for all your water requirements at home.

●  Style and Convenience- Looking for a compact and small water heater? Or are you looking for a convenient, small, yet 25L water heater that is high in performance? Or are you looking for a light indicator, timer, and no overheating at all in your 15L water heater? At Orient Electric we offer all of this under one roof.

●  Wide Range of Choices- From glassline stainless steel to the best electric water heater and immersive rods, from 3L to 10L and 15L we have a wide range of options that you can choose online from Orient Electric.

Still not satisfied, we have an extra benefit for you, if you choose Orient Electric as your water heater companion.

Benefits of Choosing Orient Electric Water Heaters

We go with the world as it goes with technology. When you choose our geysers, you are also choosing tech-enabled and future-proof appliances for your home. We will not beat around the bush and will quickly tell you the benefits of buying from us

●  Have you heard of a water heater that is IoT-enabled? It's time you do, as our Aquator+ IOT storage water heater can be controlled through a mobile app.

●  You can now check the real-time working status of your water heater just through your mobile.

●  Save your electricity with the Eco mode as it sets the optimal temperature to conserve energy while keeping the water warm.

●  Now you can simply schedule your water heater at your desired temperature, and it will automatically get on/Off as per the set temperature.

●  The app also shows you the usage analysis thus enabling tracking of power consumption, on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

●  Our water heaters are equipped with an anti-siphon that prevents backflow of water and the rust-proof body prevents corrosion, thus ensuring sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is whirlflow Technology?

Whirlflow Technology ensures that cold water enters the water heater laterally, where the heating element is located avoiding direct mixing with the already heated water at the top of the tank . This design enhances overall heating efficiency, providing more hot water and saving time with efficient heating. As a result, Whirlflow Technology enables a 20% increase in hot water delivery.

Energy Savings: 5 Star vs 1 Star

25% energy savings basis BEE star rating guidelines for standing loss of 5-Star vs 1-Star Water Heater (kWH/24-hour/45 C)
Higher the star rating, more will be energy efficiecny as per the BEE 2023 regulations for storage water heaters.

How much time does it take for an electric water heater to heat the water?

Storage tank water heaters take around 10 minutes, instant water heater takes approximately 3 minutes and immersion rods heats the water in a minute while gas water geysers take around 5 minutes.

Which geyser is best for a 4-member family?

If you are using a shower in your bathroom, then you will require 25L storage geysers. However, a 3L instant water heater will be enough for your kitchen and wash basin needs.

Are 3 litre geysers good for a small family?

If there is more than one person in the family and using water both in their bathrooms and kitchen, then a 3L geyser will not be enough. You can choose a geyser with at least 10L capacity.