Exhaust Fans

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High Speed Exhaust Fan with premium design.

Two Synchronous motor which adds life to the product. ...

Designed to effectively combat pollution.

Strong motor and Double ball bearing.

International design.

Ideal for enhancing air circulation.

Powerful motor delivers High Air Thrust.

Economical exhaust fan.

Metal blade.

Detachable front for easy cleaning

As we all know, exhaust fans provide the quickest way to get rid of odour from any place. They provide enclosed chambers with good ventilation which is intrinsic for a clean surrounding as bacteria build-up can lead to diseases. Exhaust fans can be installed anywhere but they should certainly be installed in places where there’s a higher tendency of gas accumulation, for example, the kitchen or the toilet. Taking pride in the spirit of continuous innovation and commitment to manufacturing cutting-edge lifestyle electrical products, Orient exhaust fans are built to provide lesser noise and 100 times more efficiency than ever before while sticking clear to their promise of clearer and dust-free surroundings. Ranging from high-speed exhaust fans to heavy-duty ones, Orient exhaust fans can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. They come in a range of shapes, colours and sizes, in premium design patterns and won’t shoot your budget through the roof. While opting for an exhaust ventilation fan, opt for one that suits the place of installation since every fan comes with its own solution.