When a fan doesn't look like a fan...

When a fan doesn't look like a fan...

What comes to your mind when there is some conversation around a fan? You instantaneously start thinking of a regular ceiling fan hung on the ceiling of a room. At the most, you would imagine it with some decorative highlights or an underlight. Chances are that you might also think of a typical stand fan standing humbly in one corner of your room of office.

Right…isn’t it? In fact, ask anyone this question and the answer will be more or less the same, the reason being, we have seen the fans in almost the same form for years.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your fan looked more of a décor piece that blends seamlessly with the interiors? Wouldn’t it be great if you could move your fan around the house with utmost ease? Wouldn’t it give you ultimate peace of mind if you do not have to worry about the safety of kids playing around a fan? Wouldn’t you want to have a more individualized cooling solution for yourself?

Well, what if we tell you that all of this has been addressed now. Enter Orient Electric’s new range of Lifestyle fans which do not look like your regular fans, but eye-catching décor pieces offering a perfect blend of form and function. 

This luxurious breed of portable lifestyle fans addresses the need for safer portable fans for kids, need for better air circulation in air-conditioned rooms, increasing lifestyle needs for personalized air e.g., cooling in confined spaces like puja rooms, dining set up, study areas etc., and the increased requirement for solutions which are far more mobile than table, wall and pedestal fans.

While doing their primary job as air circulators, these fans are sure to interest the modern aspirational consumers and add glam quotient to their home and office interiors. Let’s have a detailed look at the four new Orient Electric Lifestyle fans one by one.

Orient Bladeless

Flaunting a distinctive design that is sure to turn heads, Orient Bladeless fan uses a unique combination of physics and aerodynamics to multiply air thus ensuring an uninterrupted air flow. The ultra-modern fan consumes less power and runs silently at three different speeds. Compact and light weight, Orient Bladeless takes up minimal space and can be moved across the home with utmost ease. Since the fan has no visible blades, it’s extremely safe to use with small children around. The Swing function allows users to direct the airflow across the room and when used along with an air conditioner, it significantly increases air circulation inside the room. The curvaceous fan comes with a remote control, in-built mood lighting with four colour options (Off-White, Green, Purple and Blue) and has 7.5 hours of standby timer. Another salient feature of the fan is its 7.5-hour standby timer.

Orient Monroe

Both an eye-catcher and a conversation starter, Orient Monroe tower fan looks like something straight out of a science fiction. A perfect addition to any modern setting, this lifestyle fan boasts a nice, slim design and runs so silently that you will hardly notice if it’s running. Being compact, this fan fits easily into any space big or small, be it your home, shop or office cabin. It comes complete with 3 speed settings, in-built timer and remote control for ease of use. Also, the fan has three different mode of use namely Natural, Normal and Sleep. With such an inimitable design, Orient Monroe tower fan is sure to become the focal point in any setting.

Orient Auctor

While one might take this unit for a domestic robot or a trendy spotlight, this is in fact the all new Orient Auctor, an aesthetically pleasing air circulation fan with 3-D auto oscillation feature. Put this rotating fan anywhere inside the room and it will circulate air to every nook and corner to provide uniform cooling. Stylish and compact, Orient Auctor also has touch screen control, in-built timer function and remote-controlled operation for ultimate convenience. On top of it all, this futuristic air circulation fan is available with room temperature display. What more could you ask for?

Orient Proteus

Orient Proteus is a luxurious box fan featuring a super silent motor which ensures that all you experience is cool air and no noise. The box fan features round edges and comes with 3-speed control panel (Low, Medium and High) along with timer control. The use of white-grey colour scheme imparts premium look to the fan. The box fan offers 30-degree vertical adjustment so that you can direct the airflow to suit your liking. Orient Proteus, with its compact and stylish design, makes for a great addition to any contemporary space.

Each of the Lifestyle range of fans addresses unique consumer insights and latent requirements. Designed to bring alive exclusivity, these fans exude sheer elegance. Bring these beauties home and fan the change on your own.

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