Do you know that LED lights have invisible flicker?

Flicker is constant fluctuation of light output. It can be divided into two kinds: Visible and invisible.
While visible flicker can be seen by naked eye, invisible flicker cannot be seen and is harmful to your overall eye health.

Visual Threshold
  • Visible Flicker
  • Invisible Flicker
  • Visible
  • Invisible
  • 0Hz
  • 100Hz
  • Above

Flicker in LED Lights is invisible. Here’s how to check it

Open your
phone Camera
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Put it in Slow MotionVideo Mode
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Target it at the LED LightSource
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See the Flickerthrough your Phone
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LED lights with high flicker rate may lead to various health complications.
Prolonged exposure to flicker emitted by LED lights leads to...

Orient EyeLuv Technology LED Lights Orient EyeLuv Technology
  • Headache
  • Eye strain
  • Mental fatigue
  • Optical effects
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Orient EyeLuv Flicker Control Technology
X Orient EyeLuv Flicker Control Technology Certificate
Orient EyeLuv LED’s with the revolutionary FCT (Flicker-Control-Technology) reduces the harmful invisible flicker present in the LED lighting source which causes eyestrain, eye-fatigue and many other health complications, thus making it better and safer for overall eye health.
Orient EyeLuv Flicker Products
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  • Input Voltage:220-240V AC
  • Input Wattage:9W
  • Input Current( A) +10%:0.045
  • Power Factor:>0.90
  • Input Supply Frequency:50 Hz
  • Operating Voltage (Vac):100~300
  • System Efficiency:100 L/W
Buy Orient EyeLuv Flicker Led Batten
  • Input Voltage:220-240V AC
  • Input Wattage:20W
  • Input Current( A) +10%:0.096
  • Power Factor:>0.90
  • Input Supply Frequency:50 Hz
  • Operating Voltage (Vac):100~300
  • Total Harmonic Distrotion (THD): 20%
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Orient EyeLuv Flicker Lamp
  • Rated Voltage:220-240V AC
  • Rated Current (A):0.024
  • Opearting Range (V Ac):100~300
  • Frequency (Hz):>50
  • Power Factor:>0.9
  • Surge:> 2.5KV
  • Luminous flux (lm) ±10%:350
Orient EyeLuv Flicker LED Lamp
  • Input voltage (V):220-240 VAC
  • Input Power(W):36W
  • Input Current( A) ±10%:0.175
  • Driver Efficiency (%):>75
  • Operating Voltage (VAC):100~300
  • Operating Frequency (Hz):50
  • Power Factor: >0.9