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Orient One Touch Sanitization Box
Orient UV Sanitech Kills 99% Viruses
Orient UV Sanitech Kills 99% Viruses

Orient UV Sanitech

Introducing Orient UV Sanitech, a box-shaped sanitization chamber that uses short-wavelength UV-C (ultra-violet C) rays to kill 99.99%* viruses including coronavirus, bacteria & fungi from the surface of all inanimate objects exposed to it, like watches, wallets, shoes, mobile phone, keys, cash, mask, vegetables, etc. in just 4 minutes.

Orient UV Sanitech has a capacity of 34 litres, is lightweight, portable and offers a convenient way of sanitization, keeping you and your family safe.
Orient UV Sanitech is Certified by & tested at an NABL* accredited lab.

  • Certified and Tested at NABL* Accredited Lab

  • Orient UV Sanitech Made in India

Orient UV Sanitization Chamber

How UV Sanitech Works

UV Sanitech uses two UVC lamps of 11 Watts each placed diagonally to emit UVC germicidal
irradiation which kills 99.99%* pathogens with a 360°surface sanitization in 4 minutes.

Orient UV Sterilization Box Features

UV Sanitech Features

Orient UV Sanitech brings you efficacy, convenience and safety. It has a one touch convenient process, it is completely safe, is environment friendly and offers complete peace of minds with 99.99%* efficacy in killing pathogens.

What can be sanitized?

Large size with 34 litres capacity for more sanitizing space, it sanitizes all your inanimate objects like phone, vegetables, groceries, bottles, remote, toys & a lot more in just 4 minutes.

  • Sanitize Fruits and Vegetables
    Fruits & vegetables
  • Sanitize Watches
  • Sanitize Wallet
  • Sanitize Toys
  • Sanitize Mobile Phones
  • Sanitize Cooked & Uncooked Items Items
    Food - cooked & uncooked
  • Sanitize Face Mask and Gloves
  • Sanitize Other House Items
    A lot more
Sanitize Anything in Just 4 Minutes

UV-C Sanitech Kills 99.99% Coronavirus

What makes UV Sanitech better?

Orient UV Sanitech uses powerful UV-C light that kills 99.99%* pathogens including coronavirus by
destroying nucleic acids & disrupting their DNA & RNA, in just 4 minutes

The pre-fixed timer ensures the exact duration of 4 minutes exposure so that the light source
generates adequate UV irradiation to kill the bacteria and viruses

It is designed to consider three important factors, energy applied which is affected by the length of exposure time and the distance from the light source, maximum surface exposure, and safety and convenience in operation.

The metallic inner case increases reflectivity enhancing the irradiation. The out case powder coated metal body provides robustness to the design.

It uses two UV lamps of 11 Watts each placed diagonally for 360-degree UV germicidal irradiation with the surround reflectivity ensuring uniform 360 degree spread.

It is simple and safe to operate with a pre-set electronic timer with display for safety.

Orient UV-C Disinfection Chamber

It is large in size and has 34-litres capacity to accommodate different types of objects of daily use.

The safety switch turns off the UV light when the door is opened & the rubber gasket prevents leakage of UV rays when it is in operation

It generates ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength band of 200nm - 280nm, specifically at a wavelength of 254nm, killing all pathogens and microorganism.

The 11 Watt UV-C lamps have a life of 8000 hours and comes with 6 months warranty & 1 year warranty on product.

It is Made in India & has a round-the-clock after sales service support across India.

Is it safe for humans?

Yes, UVC light used in containment is absolutely safe for humans but bad for bacteria and viruses.

Optimum exposure of UVC

Its two diagonally placed UVC lamps ensures 360 degree spread of UVC irradiation. Orient UV Sanitech generates ultraviolet rays in germicidal wavelength specifically at 254 nm which is most effective in sanitization process thus ensuring 99.99%* efficacy in killing all pathogens including Corona virus and providing absolute peace of mind.

Safety switch and Pre-set electronic timer

UV Sanitech’s safety switch turns off the UV light when the door is opened accidently. It snaps the electricity supply as soon the lid is lifted. The pre-set electronic timer ensures complete 4 minutes sanitization, in case the lid is opened in between a sanitizing cycle, the timer again starts from zero, ensuring complete safety.

Makes food safer

UVC kills the gamut of microbial contaminants, whether naturally occurring or the result of bio-tampering, including Listeria, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and other microorganisms. UVC is safe to use, leaves no surface residue, and does not chemically alter food products.


Orient UV Sanitech Specification
  • Silver
  • 533 x 305 x 306 mm (21” x 12” x 12”)
  • 34 ltr
  • Approx 11kg
  • Approx 12 Kg (603 x 375 x 405 mm )
  • 230 V, 50 Hz
  • 25 W
  • 120V
  • 50 Hz
  • 3 Pin, 5 Amp
  • 1.9 m
  • Manually on table top
  • a) Main unit
    b) Inbuilt 11WUV lamps 2 nos
    C) Mild Steel grill tray 1nos
  • Corrugated box
  • Product - 1 Year, Lamp - 6 Month

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Kills 99.99%* viruses & bacteria including coronavirus
in just 4 minutes.

  • Color: Silver
  • Container Capacity: 34 litres
  • MRP: Rs 11,999
For any query, including bulk/ institutional requirements, distribution etc.,
mail at uvsanitech@orientelectric.com

*UV Sanitech has been tested at Delhi Test House, Delhi, a NABL-accredited Laboratory and found to have 99.99% effectiveness in killing pathogens (Lab Report Number: 24911200605GEN133 dated 27.06.2020) and inferred as effective against Corona Virus as per Food and Drug Administration, USA guidelines (Docket # FDA-2020-D-1138 dated 29.03.2020).

For any query, including bulk/ institutional requirements, distribution etc., mail at uvsanitech@orientelectric.com