Frequently asked questions about UV Sanitech

What are UV rays and what are the different types?

UV means “beyond violet” and refers to a range of electromagnetic waves with a shorter wavelength (higher frequency and energy) than the visible violet light. It can be produced by sun or by special UV lamps. UV is divided into three types with reducing wavelengths and increasing energy. They are UVA, UVB and UVC. For UV sterilization and disinfection, only UVC (200-280nm) has high enough energy to effectively kill microorganisms. UVC light, is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together. This conventional UV light is routinely used to decontaminate surgical equipment.

How does UVC Ray work

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) works by breaking down certain chemical bonds and scrambling the structure of DNA, RNA, and proteins, disabling a microorganism’s ability to multiply. When a microorganism is unable to multiply, it is considered dead since it cannot reproduce within a host and is no longer infectious.

Is UVC technology a new technology for sanitization

UVC is not a new technology, having been discovered in 1879 it has been useful for cleaning infectious spaces especially surgical equipment’s. Thereafter more studies were done to determine the exact beneficial nature of UV for sanitization purposes. Since the 20th century, UVC has been used to disinfect things like water, air, fruits, vegetables, surgical utensils, tablet computers, toys, and a variety of surfaces. The most common use could be found in UV system for water purification.

What are the key parameters which determines the efficacy of UV rays in disinfection?

Since UV disinfection uses the energy of UVC to destroy biomolecules, its effectiveness depends on the total energy applied which is affected by the strength of the UV light source, duration of exposure time and the distance from the light source. For example, if you use a UV lamp held within 1 inch above a petri dish grown with E. coli, it will only take 1-2 min to show a complete sanitization killing them all.

Can UVC kill Coronavirus?

Studies have shown that UVC at 254 nm is effective against all foodborne pathogens, natural microbiota, viruses, and yeasts. The ionizing effects of UV radiation reaches out to the DNA of corona virus and other viruses and bacteria and kills them. UV sanitization kills 99.99% of viruses, including Corona virus, bacteria, and fungi in an extremely short amount of time. The effectiveness of Orient UV Sanitech has been optimized for germicidal efficacy at 4 minutes. It generates enough germicidal irradiation in 4 mins to kill bacteria’s and viruses including Corona virus.

Is UVC rays safe for humans?

UVC light has a very limited range and cannot penetrate through the outer dead-cell layer of human skin or the tear layer in the eye however direct exposure may have an adverse impact therefore, direct exposure on skin or eyes can be damaging and should be avoided. If UVC is used in a containment like in the Orient UV Sanitech, then it will be absolutely safe and not harmful at all.

There are many UV sterilisers in the market, how is Orient UV Sanitech different?

UVC is one of the most effective and safest way of killing bacteria and viruses. Orient UV Sanitech has been designed to consider three most important factor, energy applied which is affected by the length of exposure time and the distance from the light source. The timer ensures the exact duration of 4 minutes exposure so that the light source generates adequate energy to kill the bacteria and viruses.

Another important aspect is the design and placement of light source to give maximum exposure to surface’s and reduce the dark spots. Orient UV Sanitech uses two UV lamps of 11 Watts each placed diagonally providing sufficient UV germicidal irradiation with the surround reflectivity ensuring uniform spread of the UV irradiation from different angles thus increasing the efficacy of sanitization and reducing the dark spots. Orient UV Sanitech generates Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength band covering 200nm - 280nm, specifically at 254nm – killing 99.99% of microorganism.

Most of the other available products have not been optimized for usage and are either poorly designed, leaving dark spots, having lesser surface coverage, or have less UV irradiation. In some of them timing of exposure is not fixed, all put together reduces the efficacy, thus seriously questioning their reliability.

There are many other safety features in Orient UV Sanitech. The Safety switch turns off the UV light when the door is open or is accidentally opened during operation. The rubber gasket on the lid prevents leakage of UV rays and the metallic painted body makes it robust. The metallic door prevents direct eye and skin contact with UV lights. Pre-set electronic timer with display ensures that the right dosage of UV light is delivered, preventing the consumer from making sub-optimal settings. The top opening of the box with a removable mesh ensures both ease of use and ease in cleaning.

What are the advantages of UV based disinfection against chemical-based sanitization?

It is convenient to use and no chemicals are needed, nor there is any chemical residual leftovers. Chemicals can have many side effects and can impair human health. Chemical based sanitizers can be corrosive and can cause wear and tear, and can have effects on the skin, and their efficacy is also limited. Most importantly not all objects can be sanitized with chemical sanitizers like fruits and vegetables. Sanitization with chemical sanitizers also takes lot of time.

Sun also emits UVC, so will exposure to sun can kill corona virus

UVC light from the sun is blocked by Earth’s atmosphere. When you go outside on a sunny day, the UV light that reaches you is UVA and some UVB. These types of UV light do not destroy viruses quickly. Only UVC has the ability of killing the bacteria’s and viruses.

How safe is using Orient UV Sanitech?

It is completely safe to use Orient UV Sanitech. It not only absolves you of your fear to coronavirus but also kills many bacteria’s, fungi and microorganism’s which are harmful to human health. The things that you put into the Orient UV Sanitech box are only treated with UV irradiation, therefore there is no exposure of UV rays on you. Orient UV Sanitech is tested and certified for its efficacy at an NABL accredited lab.

The Safety switch turns off the UV light when the door is open or is accidentally opened during operation. The rubber gasket on the lid prevents leakage of UV rays and the metallic painted body makes it robust. The metallic door prevents direct eye and skin contact with UV lights. Pre-set electronic timer with display ensures that the right dosage of UV light is delivered, preventing the consumer from making sub-optimal settings.

How convenient is it to use Orient UV Sanitech

It is extremely convenient and safe to use Orient UV Sanitech and it brings lots of peace of mind. It’s a simple 4-minute process of sanitization. All you need to do is to put all your stuff that you bring from outside into the box without stuffing it, closing the box, and switching it ON. In just 4 minutes everything placed inside the box gets sanitized and ready for a use. Orient UV Sanitech is portable and light weight and can easily transported, it has a robust powder-coated metal body making it robust and its pre-set electronic timer does not allow tampering with the exposure timings.

Can the effectiveness of the lamp reduce over a period; does it need cleaning?

Dust and coating formation over the bulb can lower UV output. Therefore, the bulbs require periodic cleaning and replacement to ensure effectiveness. The lifetime of germicidal UV bulbs varies depending on usage, it typically lasts for 8000 hours of usage and comes with 6-month warranty. Care should be taken to shield lamps from direct airflow.

Can I open the UV Sanitech to add more items in between the 4-minute operation cycle?

No, as soon as you will open the door the process will stop, timer will get reset & cycle will start from the beginning, again for 4 minutes.

Is the UV box has any detrimental effects on fruits and vegetables.

UVC rays sanitizes the surfaces of vegetables, fruits and other edible items and has no detrimental effect whatsoever on the food items.

Can bottled or packed food be sanitized by UV Sanitech?

No, UVC rays will only sanitize the surface’s that get the exposure to the rays. Bottled, canned, or packed food items will not be sanitized by the UVC rays as they cannot penetrate the surface, but it will surely sanitize the exterior surface of bottles or other packing.

What effect will UVC rays have on my mobile phone, battery, and small electronic gadgets?

UVC rays do not penetrate surfaces unlike as you may find in microwave ovens, therefore you can be rest assured that all your gadgets, phones and batteries will have no adverse effect.

What effect will UVC rays have on magnetic chip and strips, like the one on my credit card?

UVC rays have no effect on magnetic strips, therefore there is no reason to worry

Is Orient UV Sanitech made in India?

Yes “Orient UV Sanitech” has been Made in India by Orient Electric Limited

Do the lamps need a ballast to work?

Yes – a germicidal lamp is one part of a system and the system cannot be fully defined and optimized unless the lamp and ballast combination are determined. It is the interaction of lamp and ballast that is the true determinant of system performance.

What is the life of the UVC lamps, when shall they be replaced?

UVC lamps have a 6 months warranty and they have life of 8000 hours. Therefore, they need to be replaced after 8000 hours of usage

Can UVC rays of UV Sanitech also clean the pesticides on the vegetables?

No UVC rays do not clean pesticides on the vegetables

Can germicidal UVC penetrates surfaces or substances?

No, germicidal UVC rays sanitize only the contact surfaces and cannot penetrate surfaces

From where can I buy the UVC lamp?

Give us a call at our Call centre 18001037574 or email us at customer., our service technicians will help you to replace the lamp.

What is the effect of Orient UV Sanitech on ozone layer?

It has No effect

Does UV Sanitech emanate any smell or odour during operation?

Yes, you may experience some odour when UV Sanitech is in operation, this is caused due to breaking down of chemical bonding of fine dust and other particles

Can I sanitize my pet by putting it in the “Orient UV Sanitech” box

No, it is not advisable to expose your pet or for that matter any living organism. Only inanimate objects should be used for sanitization. Kindly read the user manual carefully for usage guidelines

How to arrange the stuffs in the UV Sanitech Box?

It is extremely important to space out the stuff inside the box so that UVC rays can reach out to all the surface that you want to sanitize. Stuffing the box with too many items will create dark spots and many areas where the UVC rays fail to reach will not get sanitized.

List of stuffs which can be and cannot be placed in the UV box?

No living organism should be put for sanitization. However, all inanimate objects can be sanitized by Orient UV Sanitech. It is important to note that only exposed surfaces get sanitized, for e.g., if you want to sanitize water in a bottle it will not get sanitized as there is no surface exposure. Similarly, if you put your T-shirt it will not get fully sanitized, only the surface which meets UVC rays will get sanitized. One should not pour any stuff without a crucible; it is also important to sanitize objects when they are at ambient surrounding temperature not too hot nor too cold.

Can I consume the things immediately or is there a cool down period?

No cool down period is required, you can consume it immediately after sanitization

Is it safe to keep the items in refrigerator immediately after keeping in the UV box?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to keep the items into a refrigerator after sanitizing it in the UV Sanitech

Can I wear the clothes immediately post sanitizing or do I need to wash them first?

Clothes may not get fully sanitized if the surface of the entire clothing is not exposed to the UVC rays. It is preferable to wash clothes.

Does the UV box require special power connection like in an AC?

It is a Semi – Automatic machine and runs on 230 V AC supply with a pre-set-ON delay electronic timer with LED display. It requires 5 Ampere connection with 3 pin plug, It does not require a 15 Ampere power connection as is required in an air-conditioner.

Does it require any setup time before adding items?

No, it comes with a pre-set time of 4 minutes, which is also necessary to ensure the efficacy of sanitization. If the electricity goes off in between then it is advisable to set up the entire process from the start.

What is the warranty for Orient UV Sanitech?

Orient UV Sanitech comes with 1-year warranty and the UVC lamps carry a 6-month warranty

Can I put Orient UV Sanitech in my home, kitchen, offices etc.?

Orient UV Sanitech is portable and can be safely used in residential and commercial areas wherever sanitization is required.

How many watts does the Orient UV Sanitech?

It consumes 22 watts.

Coronavirus is said to be alive for different duration on different surfaces, will 4 min sanitization good enough?

Yes, Coronavirus stays alive on different surfaces for a short to prolonged duration according to porosity of the surface from few hours to few days before it dies naturally. However, you just need 4 minutes to sanitize any object using the Orient UV Sanitech box. It can sanitize any surface, including vegetables, tetra packs, polybags, plastics, wood, steel, cardboard, paper, kitchen wipes, masks, shopping bags, mobiles/iPad, keys, cash, chargers and pens, etc., or for that matter any inanimate object.