How about an outdoor air cooler that fits in your car boot?

How about an outdoor air cooler that fits in your car boot?

Yes. You read it right. We are seriously talking about a big outdoor air cooler that easily fits in your car boot.

While being a very effective and economical home cooling solution, outdoor air coolers are generally perceived as bulky, roaring monsters that take lot of space for storage when not in use. If you have got one at your home, you would have known the pain of keeping them out of sight during the off-summer months. Also, imagine if you are living on the 3rd or 4th floor of a building without an elevator and want to install an air cooler in the balcony. It’s an exhausting task for sure. When moving to a new place, it’s again an ordeal to disassemble that clunky cooler and move Orient Desertstorm it out.

Considering all this, wouldn’t it be nice if you have an outdoor air cooler which you can assemble on your own in no time and tuck away nicely when the sweltering summers are over. Well, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief as the all new Orient Desertstorm air cooler has come to your rescue. It’s the India’s first rust proof, metal bodied, modular outdoor air cooler that can be assembled and dissembled in just 3 minutes and not to mention that it can be easily transported in the car boot in two small boxes and can be stacked and stored when not in use. Don’t believe it? Check out our Captain Cool MS Dhoni giving it a shot.

Orient Desertstorm is without doubt a revolution in the Indian air coolers industry. Let’s take a look at its other key features that make it a true summer warrior.

  • AeroFan technology

Orient Desertstorm comes complete with specially designed fan blades with AeroFan technology (high-angled aerodynamic profiled blades) that ensure longest air delivery with low operating noise to enhance your cooling experience.

  • Densenest Honeycomb Cooling pads

These cooling pads use a special manufacturing process that allows lesser gap between its cooling filaments ensuring that the cooling pads retain 45% more water thus translating to 25% better cooling. The cooling power is further complemented with an advanced 60-hole water distribution system which ensures seamless, uniform and uninterrupted flow of water to the pads.

  • Eco Friendly

Evaporative coolers are inherently ecofriendly than Air conditioners in a sense that they do not emit harmful gases and consume significantly less energy, Orient coolers also have a host of features aimed at optimum energy and water utilization without compromising on cooling efficiency. Thus you get more cooling with less water and power consumption.

Fungi and bacteria thrive in the inaccessible nooks and corners inside the tank of an air cooler, which then easily become airborne as the cooler starts circulating air in the room. Airborne fungi and bacteria give rise to indoor air pollution and cause severe health hazards. To tackle this problem, a unique antibacterial compound is mixed with the tank resin that resists bacteria formation. It also prevents staining and dis-colouration of the tank interior which further helps to eliminate bad odour from the tank.

  • Anti-Mosquito breeding

The water tank of conventional air coolers is open type which attracts mosquitos and results in their prolific breeding. Weekly tank cleaning is required in a conventional cooler which is often cumbersome and time consuming. This cooler uses a solution which when mixed with water prevents the mosquito breeding and thus reduces the risk of mosquito borne diseases.

  • Carbon Dust filter

Desertstorm comes with a carbon dust filter that uses activated carbon to remove air containments and impurities giving you clean air.

Available in 70-litre & 90-litre tank capacities, Orient Desertstorm is ideal for use in living room, bedroom, shops, gyms, restaurants, study room, hotel rooms, clinics, dining area, shops, offices and many other spaces.

Do check out the video below to see how evaporative cooling works and what makes Orient Desertstorm the big daddy of all outdoor air cooler.


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