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No. of Fans

  • Average No. of hours
    a fan runs in a day : 16 hours
  • Average Cost per unit of
    electricty : ₹ 6.60
  • Cost incurred on normal induction Fan in 1 year :


  • Cost incurred on BLDC fan in 1 year :


  • Total Cost saved with BLDC fan in 1 year :


  • Total Cost saved with BLDC fan in 10 years :


Wattage consumed by Normal Fan : 78 watts

Wattage consumed by BLDC fan : 32 Watts

You can save upto 50% on your electricity bills with Intelligent BLDC fans

Say good bye to your conventional fan and bring home an

Intelligent BLDC fan

What is Intelligence BLDC technology?

BLDC technology increases the durability of the motor, reduces motor noise & also doubles the efficiency of operation and saves on electricity and cost.

  • i Series Fans - Saves up to 50% electricity

    Saves up to 50% electricity

  • i Series Fans - Silent Operation

    Silent Operation

  • i Series Fans - Makes motor durable

    Makes motor durable

  • i Series Fans - Works on low voltage

    Works on low voltage

Presenting India's first fan with Intelligent BLDC Technology

Orient i Series Fans
Orient I Float Fan
Orient I Float Fan

Key features

  • Inverter Technology
    Intelligent BLDC Technology
  • Saves up to 50% Electricity
    Saves up to 50% electricity
  • Works on Low Voltages
    Works on low voltages


  • Very Silent Operation
    Very silent operation
  • BEE 5 Star Rating for Energy Saving
    BEE 5 Star rating for energy saving
  • Metalized Decorative Ring
    Metalized decorative ring adds elegance and beauty
  • Robust & Reliable Inverter Motor
    Robust & Reliable 'Intelligent BLDC' Motor
  • Aerodynamic Design
    Aerodynamic design

    for 15% higher air delivery

Internet of things (IOT)

  • Fan Scheduling
    Fan Scheduling

    On and Off feature and 5 step regulation

  • Fan Scheduling Icon
    Built-in timer

    2, 4, 6, 8 hours

  • Reverse Rotation
    Reverse rotation

    available in app only for air circulation.

  • Turbo Mode
    Turbo mode

    for direct maximum speed

  • Breeze Mode
    Breeze mode

    Auto Speed Change for natural breezy air

  • Sleep Mode
    Sleep mode

    Auto Speed control for uninterrupted sleep.


i-Float fans are built with advanced BLDC technology-based motors which save up to 50% electricity, reduce motor noise and even run on low voltages. They visually depict a floating effect while running and are also available with IOT (Orient Smart App & Voice-controlled) versions.

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i-Float Fans

Explore our other intelligent BLDC Fans

Orient offers you an innovative range of BLDC technology based fans which will not only make you save big on electricity bills, but also amaze you with exciting designs and colours.

Hector 500

Hector 500 fans from the intelligent BLDC range have a robust body and motor and works even on low voltages. A robust & reliable BLDC motor makes them efficient and silent. You can save upto 50% of your electricity with these fans. It is also available with a Remote version for easy & convenient functioning.