Orient OFCC13B3A Oil Filled Radiator

An oil filled radiator is a common form of convection heater used in domestic heating. Electricity is channelled into a resistor inside the heater, which turns the energy into heat. That heat is absorbed by the diathermic oil that is enclosed in the heater. As the oil in the heater warms up, it begins to circulate through the fins and columns. As the oil moves, it transfers heat into the metal of the heater's fins, creating an even surface temperature. As the metal fins heat up, they begin to radiate heat into the room. This heat is circulated throughout the room by natural convection in the air. Oil filled room heaters neither burn oxygen nor reduce humidity making the best choice for heating rooms, especially for elderly people and babies. In this regard they are healthy options as it won't cause any suffocation or dry eyes, skin rashes. Oil filled room heaters safe as their surface won't heat up much. You don't need to place them closer to the bed. Simply put the Oil filled room heaters in the corner of room.

General specification
Power Indicator Light
Thermostat Knob
Triple Heat Over protection
Cord Storage Facility
ISI approved
In built PTC Heater
Temperature Control
Technical specification
Power Supply
230 V 50 Hz AC with Earthing
PTC Heater Wattage
400 Watts
3 heating positions
Total Wattage
2900 Watts
Design specification
Body Type
Warranty Card
User Manual
Product Warranty
2 Years
Warranty card
Product Warranty
2 Years
  • Advanced shape fins (3rd Generation) – for a better heat distribution
  • 3 Heating positions – for controlling the rate of heating
  • Triple overheating protection – ensures safety of you and your loved ones
  • Adjustable thermostat for temperature – helps in setting the ideal room temperature
  • Caster wheels – to move the device easily to any desired location
  • 360Degree trip over safety switch – works as an additional safety device in case the OFR falls or if not placed vertically
  • Cord storage facility – keeps the cord wire tangle free when not in use
  • Inbuilt handle provision – makes moving around of the OFR a convenience
  • PTC Fan Heater – for an additional boost of heating