Beat the winter blahs with nutrient-rich juices

Beat the winter blahs with nutrient-rich juices

All that comes to one’s mind usually when talking about winter is blankets, fireplace, hot chocolate and more hot chocolate. The arrival of the bone-chilling weather brings with it the exasperating seasonal dilemmas and makes you more prone to cold, flu, infections and a slew of other health disorders. However, you can easily keep the winter woes at bay by boosting your immune system. How about some healthy vegetable and fruit juices? That might make you shudder, but believe me, seasonal juices can really work wonders for your health. I have myself tried juices in winter and it really does make you feel more active as you get all the necessary minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help improve the immune system.

Apples, oranges, pears, pomegranates, cucumber, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, beetroot, spinach, cranberry, celery and turnip are some of the best choices for making healthy juices in winters. Depending on your taste and availability of the fruits and veggies in your area, you can create your favourite juices at home with utmost ease using a juicer mixer grinder. After all, you wouldn’t want to go out in the chilling weather every morning or evening just to have a glass of juice at some juice corner. Moreover, nothing beats the taste and health benefits of homemade fresh juices. If you want to make juices yourself, you can go for the Orient Electric Essentia juicer mixer grinder, which enjoys an ergonomic design, large pulp collection chamber and a specially designed sieve for optimal juicing.

Some of my favourite juice recipes include carrot-orange juice, apple-pear-cranberry juice, amla (Indian gooseberry)-carrot-spinach juice, and the very seasonal carrot-beetroot juice. Here are some quick tips to enhance your juicing experience.

  • You can use spices like cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg and cloves to add zing and warming effect to your juices.
  • Adding honey to the freshly prepared juices is a great way to enhance flavour and tickle your taste buds.
  • You can use almond milk to the juices if the sugar content of certain fruits or vegetables concerns you.
  • The best way to have juices is at the room temperature.
  • Fruit juices are good, but vegetable juices are better and not to mention, organic ones are great.
  • Use the best juicer mixer grinder and run it at the right speeds depending on the ingredients to get the most juice.

Enjoy freshly prepared juices and do not let the winter woes slow you down. While I have listed my favourite juice recipes here, it is entirely up to you to choose those that entice your taste buds. If you want your juice to be more on the spicier side, add more cinnamon. Quite simple…right?

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