Bring home Orient Electric air coolers to experience cooling at its best

Bring home Orient Electric air coolers to experience cooling at its best

Now that the scorching summers are here, you might have already started using your air conditioner to survive the heat. With ACs turned on, the monthly electricity bills skyrocket like anything and that is a nightmare for most homeowners. However, rising temperatures do not have to translate to soaring utility bills. If you want to keep your home cooling costs low without sacrificing on comfort, one good alternative to choose air coolers over air conditioners. If you happen to live in an area that experiences hot and dry climate, switching from an AC to air cooler is the most economical option.

Whether it’s the capital costs or operating costs, an air cooler is way cheaper than an air conditioner. On an average, an air conditioner consumes 10 times more energy than an air cooler which itself speaks of cost-effectiveness of the latter. Unlike ACs which use harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), air coolers use water for cooling which makes them an eco-friendly option. With an air cooler, you can always keep your windows open to increase circulation of fresh air which is otherwise not possible in case of an air conditioner.

An air conditioner costs Rs. 10 per hour on an average whereas a cooler operates at Rs. 2 per hour. If you are running two ACs for an average 12 hours a day, you will end up paying Rs. 7200 in a single month (30 days). On the other hand, running two air coolers for same period will cost you Rs. 1440, offering you a significant saving of Rs. 5760 per month.

Smart Cooling, Smart Technology

Just in time for the summer season, Orient Electric has introduced its new range of air coolers which come equipped with the revolutionary 4-way cooling technology to comfort users with maximum cooling while consuming less energy. An upshot of collaboration between the design and R&D team at the company, the new air coolers are available in capacities of 20 to 85 Lts. to suit diverse space needs. The new room coolers are loaded with an array of smart features such as strong air delivery, 4-way cooling, humidity control, and motorized louver movement.

Whether you are tight on space or have a large room, there is an air cooler in this range for everyone. Take for instance the 85 Lts. Snowbreeze Magnus air cooler. Intended for use in large spaces, it saves from constant refilling of the water tank while ensuring consistent cooling for a long period of time. Two new models, Tornado Smart and Smartcool Trendy, come complete with remote control functionality to offer utmost convenience to users. Moreover, all room coolers also run on inverter power which means that power outages won’t come in the way of your comfort.

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