Say goodbye to the woes of power cuts with Emergency LED lights

Say goodbye to the woes of power cuts with Emergency LED lights

Simply imagine being in the kitchen cooking something special for the guests or being at your shop showing products to the customer or doing some repair job and the power goes out unexpectedly. That will be annoying, to say the least, right? You will be forced to either wait for the electricity to come back or impatiently search for candles or USB lights to continue doing your work. After all, you would not want to put too much chilli or over burn the ‘tadka’ and in case of a shop, you would not want to unintentionally end up doing a wrong repair or mishandling the products.

Power cuts disrupt routine life and work, and small businesses in particular such as mobile shops, salons and small retail shops are the ones that are impacted the most because of frequent outages. Therefore, if you happen to live or work in an area that experiences frequent power outages, it’s better to have a fail-safe solution to avoid such inconvenience. This is where the rechargeable Emergency LED lights come to the rescue. Having sad that, it is important that you choose the reliable and best emergency lights from a trusted brand.

Given this background, Orient Electric has introduced a new range of Emergency LED lighting solutions including Emergency LED bulbs and Emergency LED batten which provide backup lighting for up to 4 hours during power outages thus enabling normal work activities to continue.

Let us first understand how Orient Electric’s Emergency LED lights work.

Orient Electric’s Emergency LED bulb and LED batten feature in-built battery which automatically charges during regular power supply and when power cut happens, the emergency backup mode is activated. Interestingly, these emergency LED lights are similar to the normal LED lights that we currently use and fit into the same sockets or holders, however they switch on to emergency mode once electricity supply is disrupted and provide 4 hours of back up. They revert to normal operation when the electricity is restored and get recharged in 8-10 hours during the normal course of usage. This means that you do not have to do anything at all to activate or deactivate the normal or emergence mode, these LED lights take care of the same on their own. In addition, Orient Emergency lights can be used as a portable light source as well e.g., the emergency LED bulb can act as a headlight for a bicycle. Cool, isn’t it?

Key features

Orient’s rechargeable Emergency LED bulbs (9 watts) and LED battens (10 watts) offer high output of 100 lumens/watt and come with a long maintenance-free life of up to 25000 hours. They also come with overcharging protection which ensures that the in-built battery is as fully charged as practically possible while avoiding excessive overcharging thus ensuring safety. These emergency LED lights also feature deep discharging protection so that the battery can perform efficiently for a longer time. Ideal for use in homes, offices, commercial complexes and small shops, Orient Emergency LED lights come with six months warranty and are available offline as well as online. In fact, if you need more information about these emergency lights, you can send the text “EMLIGHTS” to “56161”.

So, with Orient Emergency LED lights, you do not have to worry any more about the power cuts disrupting your day-to-day work and life. You can choose between the Emergency LED bulbs and Emergency LED battens to suit your space and needs.


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