This Diwali Gift More Than Just Mithai

This Diwali Gift More Than Just Mithai

It's that time of the year again when the stars are shining brighter on the street and kids are eagerly waiting to savour the newest popular sweets. This is when love, laughter, and togetherness surround us, and all we can think about is decorating with festive lights, playing games, exchanging gifts, and enjoying scrumptious food. Yes, Diwali is just around the corner, and we are all gearing up to make the best of times for and with our friends and family. While Diwali signifies the good old concept of light over darkness it also becomes the good old reason to get together and create memories that last a lifetime. What makes this festival shine brighter is the excitement of sharing the joy with all our loved ones through gifts and sweets.

A tradition that has come a long way and is equally celebrated today during Diwali is giving gifts. It's a feeling beyond the world to wrap a special present for your favourites and enjoy an evening full of smiles with them, right? To make your present gleam of Diwali and to make your loved ones' celebrations a tone brighter, Orient Electric has put together a series of Special Diwali Gifts. Keep scrolling to know more-

Diwali Special Gift Packs from Orient Electric

Finding a gift that's glamorous as well as imprints a great value in your loved one’s life is a dream, right? In the end, what remains is a box of sweet or dry fruits! Fret not, folks! We all have been swimming in the same ocean until now. To make Diwali sparkle with tons of hues and shades in the most literal sense, Orient Electric has specially curated a Diwali Gift Pack collection with lights that are versatile, vibrant, and beautiful. Break away from the old gifting ideas this Diwali and gift a box of multiple lights. With Orient Electric's Diwali Lights Gift Pack, not only are you giving your lovelies a unique present but also a thoughtful one. But what's in the box? Come let's see-

        1.Saubhagya Diwali Lights Pack- This is a gift bundle of 9 different Joylite Decorative lights in different colours. There are Diwali lights shaped in the form of a star, a Diya, a Kuber yantra Ganesh Ji, and the most common string light. 

        2.Noor Diwali Lights Pack- This is a massive and stunning Diwali special gift box of 9 festive lights. If you plan to gift this box to your loved ones, also prepare to set your heart on the way their house is going to light up, unless you get one for yourself as well. The box has 4 Joylite curtain lights in the shape of Star, Diya, Crystral, and Swastik. It also has five sets of string lights in blue and warm white colours. With this box, you are not only gifting lights but also helping them craft something creative of their own. 

        3.Aabha Diwali Lights Pack- This is a decorative light box of 7 different types of glows in various hues. The box has Orient Electric’s Joylite curtain lights shaped in Kuber Yantra Ganesh Ji, Mannat Balls, and the Joylite Pixel string lights. This one is an ideal gift box for your friend who found a home away from their home and is celebrating Diwali away from their family.

        4.Deepti Diwali Lights Pack- This is a box of 7 festive lights for home and is surely going to be a hit as a Diwali gift this season. Your dear ones are sure going to mention this gift in all their parties not just by words but also through their festive decoration. The combination of Diya and Ganesh ji-shaped curtain lights from our Joylite series is the highlight of this box.

        5.Tejas Diwali Lights Pack– This one is a great choice for a Diwali gift as it's compact in structure but immense in value. This is a box of 3 lights for Diwali with star-shaped and Swastik-shaped curtain lights along with a pack of string lights.

To explore more about these gift packs, quickly head over to the official shopping website of Orient Electric. But then, isn’t breaking away from traditions a bit complex? How can you not give sweets to your friends and family right? Hmm... we know the struggle but keep reading and by the end of this page you sure will be convinced to change the old gifting ideas and concepts this Diwali.

Why Diwali Lights Pack is The Ideal Choice for Gifting This Diwali

Norms are followed for a reason but often following the same traditions becomes mundane. We understand the hassle of going out to the market and buying loads of sweets that either your favourites have already received or are bored of. This Diwali, make them feel special and give them more reasons to celebrate not just Diwali but every happy moment of their lives. Here is why you should gift them a box of vibrant lights, to impress them for a lifetime.

1.Gratitude is a divine emotion, always be thankful!

The whole idea of giving presents is to thank your friends and family for making your life easier. A box of sweets will only give them, well sweets! But a box of lights will give them a reason to decorate their living spaces in a way they never imagined. Psychology says good lighting can lighten an individual’s mood. So, a box of festive lights can make their celebrations brighter and joyful. It will also give them one more reason to get together and decorate their houses. Be grateful in style with gifts that are thoughtful and practical.

2.Be Unique!

​Who doesn't like to be the talk of the town, we all do! A present as unique and new as a box of lights will make you an irreplaceable friend for sure. With this gift box, you are easing their job of purchasing new lights or detangling the decade-old Diwali lights. These Diwali special gift packs will ensure that your dears remember you all through their celebrations and even later. Everybody can buy a box of dry fruits but only people as unique as you can choose something different that is not only vibrant but also diverse.

3.It’s a bounty of treasures!

​These Diwali lights gift pack from Orient Electric is specially curated to make your loved ones happy and to put them in a festive mood right away. It’s a real bounty of treasures as you can choose from 5 different varieties. We have handpicked the collection, designs, and colours of all the lights in all the boxes so the search for your festive décor elements stops with it. This box is sure to transform a lovely abode into a dazzling space to celebrate Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and everything year-round.

4.You Love Affordability but with Quality!

​There should be something in it for you as well and keeping that in mind we have curated these Diwali Light Gift Packs that are affordable but without compromising on the quality. All the products in the box have top-notch-built quality and are specially made to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. You will not be disappointed with these boxes and the quick delivery at your doorstep is just the cherry on top.

We are sure that you are convinced enough to at least consider buying these gift boxes. We are sure you will click on that buy button once you see how these gift packs and the product inside look. A moment wasted is also a moment lost, so jump on to and check out these vibrant Diwali gift boxes now, they are sure to impress! This Diwali, buy a thoughtful gift for a joyful celebration. Happy Gifting! Happy Diwali!

Frequently Asked Questions​

Q1. How to make my home beautiful for Diwali?

Ans. Diwali is the festival of lights thus give your house a complete makeover with festive lights that add a touch of glamour and warmth. The most common lights for Diwali are rope lights, string lights, and curtain lights to decorate the indoor and outdoor spaces of your house.

Q2. What should I gift my parents for Diwali?

Ans. Along with a box of sweets, get a pack of festive lights for your parents this Diwali. This will take away their one tiring trip to the market to buy the right lighting. Gift boxes with traditional touches like lights in the shape of Ganesh Ji and Diya will make them content.

Q3. What is the best gift for Diwali?

Ans. While there are no hard and fast rules to choose the best gift for Diwali, a gift that is thoughtful and practical will be a great choice.

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